fluidized bed n.
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Fluidized Bed

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Fluidized Bed. CHE 381 Group 5 3/30/2011 Alex Guerrero Andrew Duffy Bernard Hsu Daniyal Qamar Jeff Tyska Ryan Kosak Tomi Damo. Source: EPA. Introduction. Purpose Measure the pressure drop through a fluidized bed column Observe the affects of fluid velocity on the bed

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fluidized bed

Fluidized Bed

CHE 381 Group 5


Alex Guerrero

Andrew Duffy

Bernard Hsu


Jeff Tyska

Ryan Kosak


Source: EPA

  • Purpose
    • Measure the pressure drop through a fluidized bed column
    • Observe the affects of fluid velocity on the bed
    • Observe the affects of the temperature on the bed
    • Determine the point of minimum fluidized velocity
  • Technical
    • Pressure drop is measured for varying air flow rates, particle sizes and bed temperatures
    • Calculated value is the superficial velocity
  • Necessary Equations
    • Bed Void Fraction
      • Fluid Velocity
      • Settling Velocity
      • Ergun Equation
operation assumptions
Operation Assumptions

Relatively well separated particles

Constant Bed Temperature

Measurements are taken at Steady State conditions

  • Tops to fluidized beds
  • Fluidized bed columns
  • Ceramic spheres
  • Rotameter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Valve
  • Valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Rotameter
  • Valve
  • Pipette bulbs
  • U-Tube manometer
  • Half turn valves
  • Heater
  • Thermocouple
materials and supplies
Materials and Supplies




Sieve Trays

Graduated Cylinders

Shop Vacuum


Stack sieve trays accordingly to separate out sand

Determine sand and silica sample densities using graduated cylinder

Load respective column with sand ( 6-10 inches)

Turn on air supply and slowly open and increase air flow while taking recordings. Increments of 10 % of max flow

Record air flow rate, pressure drop, height of bed and any related observations

Repeat with second sand sample and repeat

Clean sand column

Load and heat up silica column

Repeat 3 -6 for silica column

experimental challenges
Experimental Challenges

Keeping the air flow steady using the valve at the bottom of column

Keeping the silica at a constant temperature

Filtering out size categorizes of sand particles


Sand could come out the top of the column and get into eyes

Keep hands clear of heat supply and heated materials

Use vacuum responsibly preventing unintended suction of personal items

Sand can get slippery when on the floor

report references
Report References

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