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Connections and Community

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Connections and Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Up. Connections and Community. What are connections? What makes a community? Discuss the importance of relationships, belonging and the different types of connections. What connections have you made that have transformed your life?

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connections and community
Connections and Community
  • What are connections? What makes a community? Discuss the importance of relationships, belonging and the different types of connections.
  • What connections have you made that have transformed your life?
  • What communities do you belong to? (Cultural, geographical, hobbies). Why is community important?
summary questions
Summary Questions
  • Write a paragraph that sums up what ‘Up’ is about.
  • Who are the main characters? What do they want out of life?
  • How do they treat the other characters in the film? How do the other characters treat them?
  • Describe the important relationships formed between the characters in the film.
  • Why are the connections made between the characters in these relationships important?
  • How is this shown in the film?
  • Describe the places in the film that are important to the different characters.
  • Why are the connections to these places important to them?
  • How is this shown in the film? 
  • List the communities shown in the film. What role do they play in the characters’ lives?
scout movement
Scout Movement
  • History:
  • Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the goal of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development so that they may play constructive roles in society. It has been around for over one hundred years.
  • In 2011, Scouting and Guiding together had over 41 million members in 216 countries.
    • Are/were you ever part of the scouting movement? Or did you know somebody that was?
    • If Russell is supposed to represent young scouts today, what do you think the directors are trying to say about the current state of the scout movement in society today?
    • Imagine you are a scout leader, what skills/achievements would you reward young people for? Create your own merit badges for these skills.
  • Amelia:
  • Muntz’s character was inspired by a few different real life adventurers such as the famous aviator, inventor and environmentalist, Charles Lindbergh (whose plane was called the Spirit of St. Louis), the eccentric aviator, engineer and film director Howard Hughes, as well as the famous explorer and archaeologist Percy Fawcett.
    • List a few famous explorers/adventurers that you know of. Can you name any modern ones?
    • Do you think the ‘spirit of adventure’ is still alive and well in today’s society?
  • Impact:
  • The destruction of our environment is a key issue in today’s society. Some of the problems we are currently facing include:
    • Extinction of endangered species
    • Pressures put on the land by property developers
    • Deforestation
    • Global Warming
    • Pollution
  • How are some of these issues addressed in the film?
  • Carl:
  • Elderly are often quite isolated and need connections as much as we do, if not more so, but are often treated more like children rather than with the respect that they deserve.
  • Forming connections with them can be very beneficial for both parties as we can learn a great deal from them and they like being able to share their wisdom.
      • Picture book – your chance to reconnect!
picture book
Picture Book
  • Due Thu 9thJune (Wk 6)
  • Following on from some of the key ideas in the film ‘Up’, you will need to talk to your Grandparents or another elderly person about an adventure (real or imagined) they had when they were younger.
  • It might be a game they used to play as a kid or even an embarrassing moment they had.
  • You need to come prepared with an idea to work on for Monday! As we will be working on it.
  • You then need to turn their story into a picture book suitable for intermediate-aged students.
  • You may use a computer, or do it by hand if you wish. You will be given some time in class to complete this, but not much, it will mostly be set as homework.