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Are you ready to get a glimpse of the rewards and benefits of becoming an insurance professional? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you ready to get a glimpse of the rewards and benefits of becoming an insurance professional?

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Are you ready to get a glimpse of the rewards and benefits of becoming an insurance professional?
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Are you ready to get a glimpse of the rewards and benefits of becoming an insurance professional?

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  1. Are you ready to get a glimpse of the rewards and benefits of becoming an insurance professional?

  2. Opportunity disclosures • All representatives must hold a current life insurance license in order to receive commissions from the various insurance companies. • This presentation shows an example of the potential income for licensed agents that can be earned. These numbers are based on the results illustrated. Your actual income will vary and could be either higher or lower than the numbers shown. • None of the material in this presentation is intended to give specific tax and/or legal advice.

  3. JOIN OUR CRUSADE! To change the lives of people and protect their financial well-being! You can be a part of this REVOLUTION... A CHANCE TO CHANGE ONE OF THE LARGEST INDUSTRIES IN THE WORLD! Are you ready to see the money...?

  4. How big is the insurance market, and how do you fit in? 200 million+ people are in need of COMMON SENSE financial protection and retirement solutions, and you could be the one to help them! Income is down $4,300 per family across America! 82,000,000 Millennials Ages 20-34 64,000,000 Generation X Ages 35-47 77,000,000 Baby Boomers Ages 48-66 40,000,000 Seniors Age 65+ • 50% of current college graduates cannot find jobs... • 23 million people are out of work... • $4.3 trillion in 401(k)s... • 47 million people on food stamps...

  5. We work with some of the biggest and oldest companies in the industry Founded in 1905 $23 billion in assets Founded in 1848 $44 billion in assets Founded in 1900 $9.6 billion in assets Founded in 1995 $25.4 billion in assets

  6. Why is this a solid industry to work in? Because people die. As an agent, your job is to offer people various financial solutions that suits their needs, so that their families are adequately protected when that event takes place. People also need financial protection while they’re still alive! You can provide them with that peace of mind, as well.

  7. There is a 70% chance a person will suffer a HEART ATTACK, STROKE or CANCER before the age of 65! If you got sick and couldn’t work, how long would your financial resources last?

  8. The Solution? A plan that provides flexibility throughout all phases of a person’s life Critical illness - Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Blindness... Chronic illness - Unable to perform 2 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living, bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting, transferring. This LIVING BENEFIT check saved this family from financial devastation when he got cancer! How good would you have felt knowing that his family was financially protected, and you were the one that pointed them in the right direction?

  9. Retirement is important too! Will you have enough income to enjoy your retirement? Outliving your money is worse than dying too soon! How do most people save for their retirements…401(k), 403(b), IRA?

  10. All of the above, but is a 401(k), 403(b), or IRA really the best place to put your retirement nest egg? “The ugly truth, is that the 401(k) is a LOUSY PRODUCT, a FINANCIAL FLOP...” Time magazine - October 19, 2009 High fees & taxes are killing people’s retirement goals!

  11. Your role as an agent can also help people with the four phases of retirement planning IRA / 401(k) / 403(b) Tax Deductible Tax Deferred TAXABLE TAXABLE TAX-FREE ALTERNATIVE TAX FREE TAX FREE NOT Deductible Tax Deferred Would you prefer to pay taxes upfront, or pay higher taxes later once you’ve retired?

  12. Death & living benefits, including retirement affect you as well as your clients. Contributions required to achieve a monthly income of either $3,000 or $5,000, at the age of 65. Age $5,000 $3,000 $ 68.00 $ 113.33 20 $ 260.59 $ 156.36 30 $ 377.13 $ 628.55 40 $1,727.47 $1,036.48 50 $8,135.51 $4,881.30 60 Figures based on an assumed compounded rate of 8%. The amounts shown are rough numbers and are not exact.

  13. Is your own financial future secure? Should you have the same protection that you’re expecting your clients to have? Contribution example: 35 year old male, preferred, non-smoker Monthly contribution: $500 $300 $1,000 Minimum death benefit: $500K ($521,206) $1 million ($1,051,686) $300K ($310,125) Account value @ age 65: $300K ($338,403) $500K ($568,915) $1 million ($1,149,334) Tax-free income to age 120: $82,258 $48,888 $166,281 Account value @ age 100: $3 million ($2,934,967) $5 million ($4,940,289) $10 million ($9,989,720) A 401(k) will last roughly 6 years before running out of money. Fees & taxes are not accounted for in the figure shown. $300K ($276,082) $500K ($459,490) $1M ($917,559)

  14. Tax-deferred vs. Tax-free (35 Year old male contributing $500/month) 401(k) / 403(b) / IRA Flexible Life Cumulative contributions to age 65 totaling $180,000 $459,490 $180,000 $180,000 $2,879,030 Divide the numbers in the gold ovals by the desired after-tax yearly income of $82,258 to determine how long the funds will last (beginning at age 66). To age 100 To age 72 Cash flow continues to age 120 You must start drawing your funds by age 70 1/2 to avoid incurring heavy penalties Account values at age 100 0 $2,061,259 $2,151,926 The 401(k), 403(b) and IRA account is depleted in 6 short years after the age of 65 Policy endows or pays the policy face value at age 100 Death benefit value to be paid to a beneficiary

  15. This is the perfect money solution! This can be extremely lucrative for you as an agent. Death is unavoidable, but you canprotect the financial well-being of you, your own family, and the lives of your clients. Getting sick and not being able to work can ruin even the best financial plans! People want to minimize their tax exposure when they retire, have their investments grow, and never lose money. They also want a disability or long-term care plan. Is that too ideal? Well, it isn’t! There is a product available that does just that.

  16. Insurance is a trillion dollar industry. Would you like to have a little slice of that pie for yourself? With billions of liquid reserves and commissions ready to be paid out to you, do you want to explore the possibilities of how you can prosper by helping other people? This is the ONLY industry in the world where you can leverage $300 to get $3,000 worth of value once a policy is issued. Want to get started?

  17. Getting started is simple... YOU You start your own $300/month TAX-FREE retirement plan! 1 3 4 5 2 SHARE this vision with five other people who are also serious & coachable, and are open to learning & earning! You teach them to follow your lead and to duplicate the same system, which you will learn. A potential $250,000+ annual income is possible if you follow the turn-key, duplicable system. You could earn $50K a year, working part-time, if that’s your desire. You are in control.

  18. First 45 day Fast Track promotion to VP Here’s a quick overview of your first 45-60 day earning potential until you get your license… promote to VP YOU VP Override New Rep Premium # Reps Training bonus $5,250 5 1. Bill $1,200 $300 $5,250 $1,200 5 2. Mel $300 $300 $5,250 3. Pat $1,200 5 4. Sue $1,200 $300 $5,250 5 $300 5. Tom $5,250 $1,200 5 $6,000 $26,250 $32,250 total potential income within first 60 days... OVER $250,000 income in 12 months!

  19. Advancing to VP is your first target. Earn 75% of the commissions you generate, plus earn a certain percentage of the performance of your own team. The life insurance distribution system pay grid New rep 40% ► 3 Recruits and 3 Sales Sales Leader 45% ► 3 Sales Leaders 50% District Manager ► 2 District Managers Division Manager 60% ► 2 Division Managers $100K $200K $400K $600K $1,000,000 SVPNVP SNVP ENVP FOUNDER78%81% 78% 81% 93% 12% 15% 18% 21% 27% 6% 9% 12% 15% 21% 5% 8% 11% 14% 20% 5% 8% 11% 14% 20% 4% 7% 10% 13% 19% 3% 6% 9% 12% 18% 3% 6% 9% 12% 18% - Infinity Override - VP(level)75% VP 1st 9% VP 2nd 3% VP 3rd 2% VP 4th 2% VP 5th 1% VP 6th 0% VP 7th 0%

  20. Allow the IRS to pay for your $300 retirement savings plan… A job Your business $50,000 Gross Income $50,000 Deductible Expenses $10,000 $20,000 Taxable Income $30,000 $40,000 Tax 28% 25% IRS Share $11,200 $7,500 100+ Tax Deductions 5 Potential Tax Savings $3,700 0

  21. A home-based business is one of the best strategies to legally lower your taxes and reduce your overhead. There are many ways to free up money and reduce taxes. ►Tax deductions, meals, home office, auto, cell phone... ►Pay your kids instead of giving them allowances... ►Review your current life insurance policy… ►Raise your insurance deductibles... ►401(k)/IRA - contribute only up to matching amount... ►Reduce overpayments on mortgage, cars, etc And many more... The RIGHT EXPERT is the key...

  22. Is your current job depriving you of the things you really want to have or be able to do? BEFORE AFTER 1. JOB 1. Become an insurance professional 2. No Extra Income 2. $250K+ potential income 3. No Life Insurance 3. $300K life insurance protection 4. Living benefits in place (disability & long-term care) 4. No Living Benefits 5. No Retirement Plan 5. $30K-100K tax-free annual income 6. Just Over Broke 6. Just Overwhelmed with Blessings Is it time to explore a different career path? Are you open and ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

  23. Are you in control of your destiny? Are you living in your DREAM home? Are you driving your DREAM car? Are you saving for your DREAM retirement? Are you taking your DREAM vacations? You can ACHIEVE Your DREAMS! Is this the right path for you? Do you want more information? Getting started is simple…

  24. Getting started. Five simple steps will put you on the right path… • Activate Your $300 TAX-FREE retirement plan • Scope-out your top 5 serious & coachable associates • Sit down with me and discuss your needs & desires • Plan & execute your roadmap to achieve your goals • Restore and begin living your Dreams! Greg F. Marshall916.215.2459 (cell) 1.866.557.7015 (fax) Contact me when you’re ready to get started… My senior associates and I will train you. There are also conference calls and webinars for your convenience. ►

  25. Training calendar. Other trainings are held in other locations, as well. Please inquire. 24-7 TRAINING: Conference call – Every Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. 1-866-906-7447, pin 7912032 Webinar – Tuesdays at 10:00 A.M. & 11:30 A.MAND Monday-Thursday evenings at 6:00 P.M. (25 mins) Training & Opportunity Meeting Wednesdays at 6:00 P.M. – Sacramento, and 6:30 P.M. in San Diego & San Jose, CA Training & Opportunity Meeting Thursdays at 7:00 P.M. – Anaheim, CA Training & Opportunity Meeting Saturdays at 10:00 A.M. -- San Diego office