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ZOO Team Presentation. Sept 5, 2003. ZOO Team Projects. “Operation” Game CD Animal Twister New 1 New 2. “Operation” Game. Team Members: Yuansuo Cai Joelle Fleck Andrew Lee Frank Lin. Physical Game Layout. “Operation” Game. Last Semester Accomplishment

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Presentation Transcript
Zoo team presentation

ZOO Team Presentation

Sept 5, 2003

Zoo team projects
ZOO Team Projects

  • “Operation” Game

  • CD

  • Animal Twister

  • New 1

  • New 2

Operation game

“Operation” Game

Team Members:

Yuansuo Cai

Joelle Fleck

Andrew Lee

Frank Lin

Operation game1
“Operation” Game

  • Last Semester Accomplishment

    • Purchased hardware for circuit

    • Purchased map and animal pieces

    • Obtained game case

    • Found sounds on internet

    • Recorded sounds onto sound chips

    • Bought prototype materials

    • Constructed timer circuit and oscillator

    • Built amplifier

    • Connected amplifier, speaker and sound chip

    • Built the working prototype

Operation game2
“Operation” Game

  • This Semester

    • Circuit all animal sound chips

    • Use either PCB or bread board for timer circuit

    • Obtain metal screen contacts and Plexiglas

    • Add LED to circuit

    • Build a close-to-finish version of the game

Animal twister
Animal Twister

  • It will be 6’x4’ mat made out of scrim vinyl.

  • The spinner will be hand painted.

  • The 4 categories are: Mammals, Birds, Fish, Amphibians & Reptiles.

  • The pictures used are as follows:

    Mammals: monkey, elephant, prairie dog, tiger, horse, and bear.

    Birds: flamingo, parrot, cardinal, eagle, falcon, and canary.

    Fish:3 different small fish, swordfish, hammerhead shark, and sting ray

    A & R: snake, frog, lizard, alligator, turtle, and toad

Animal twister1
Animal Twister

  • This project will be completed by week 4 so that the Zoo can try it and see if they have any problems.

  • A set of rules will also be included with the mat, spinner, and box.

Puzzle map
Puzzle Map

  • This would be a new project.

  • Make a large puzzle map of how the new zoo will look like.

  • We can show the children a picture of the zoo and have them put the puzzle together.

  • Suggested materials: Corkboard, Cardboard, Styrofoam, Wood.

New1 team
New1 Team

  • Subteam members:

    • Sean Liao

    • Matthew Kwan

    • Megan White

    • Rachel Smith

    • Bingrui Foo


  • Trivial Pursuit game

  • Who wants to be a millionaire? type game

  • Virtual tour of the zoo – CD-ROM

  • Magnet fishing game

  • Animal slot machine

  • Oceanic habitat

  • Prairie dog whack-a-mole game

  • How to be a zookeeper game

  • Puzzles

Trivial pursuit game
Trivial Pursuit game

  • Based on trivial pursuit with questions on animals.

  • Random number generator instead of dice.

  • Electronic question or category generator.

  • Question database can be modified in the future and be classified by age/difficulty.

Millionaire game
Millionaire game

  • Question format similar to millionaire game. (e.g. multiple choice)

  • But instead of monetary reward, use endangered animal totem pole.

Virtual tour of the zoo
Virtual tour of the zoo

  • Simulate closed zoo environment in a CD-ROM.

  • Clips of animals in the zoo pop up as user clicks on the animals in the virtual zoo.

  • Simulate walking through the zoo using pictures.

  • Places in virtual zoo can contain other mentioned games.

Magnet fishing game
Magnet fishing game

  • Revolving fishing pond (Or other scenario) where players try and catch the fish with a fishing pole and magnet attached to the end.

  • Fishes’ mouth open and close to increase difficulty.

  • Another perspective is to feed the animals instead.

Animal slot machine
Animal slot machine

  • Matching animals instead of normal slot machine pictures.

  • Can use machine as reward for other games (e.g quizzes).

  • Reward can be animal stickers, animal erasers, animal candy…

  • Reward can be based on what animal is lined up.

Oceanic habitat
Oceanic habitat

  • Fish tank with mechanical/electrical animals

    • Animals in different water levels (deep sea animals at the bottom and surface animals)

    • Animals move around using simple mechanics

    • Try to demonstrate how animals interact/move.

Prairie dog whack a mole
Prairie dog whack-a-mole

  • A fun way to keep kids busy and tire them so they won’t bother the adults.

  • A break from sedentary activities that allows kids to vent their energies.

  • Improves reflex (dexterity) and hand-eye coordination.

How to be a zookeeper game
How to be a zookeeper game

  • Could be incorporated with other games mentioned.

  • The main purpose is to educate children what is involved in zoo keeping.

  • Could be an activity instead of a game.


  • Numerous ideas such as

    • Spot the difference between 2 pictures

    • Jigsaw puzzles with animal shaped pieces

    • “Moving scrambled pieces with one empty square” puzzle

      • Puzzles could be mechanical or electronic (in cd-rom). We can work either way 

New2 team
New2 Team

  • Subteam members:

    • Sarah Adams

    • Mike Mendel

    • Jake Griffin

    • Maryam Afaf Abdul Karim

Animal train
Animal Train

  • This game will involve a working train model with animals on the boxcars.

  • Children will have to guess the animal on the boxcar when it pops up.

  • The children must push a button that corresponds to their answer, a wrong guess sounds a buzzer and makes the animal pop back down, a right guess makes some information about the animal play through a speaker.

Zoo team presentation

Quiz LED Board

  • This project will consist of a board with four buttons and two lights.

  • Quizzes can be programmed in the device with multiple choice answers.

  • The children must push the button that corresponds to the right answer, if they are wrong, the red light goes on with a buzzer. If they are right, the green light goes on and the device dings, and the child moves to the next question.

Where s my mommy memory
Where’s my mommy? Memory

  • This would be similar to the card game memory.

  • The child must match the baby to its mother for many animal species. If the child is correct, he/she gets to go again. The person with the most matches at the end wins.

Jigsaw puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Jigsaw puzzle would be large enough for several students to work on at a time.

  • Puzzle will contain pictures of several animals.

Animal sound simon says
Animal Sound Simon Says

  • This game will test a child’s memory by making animal sounds that correspond to buttons on a game board. The child must correctly push the buttons in the same order as he/she heard the animal sounds.

  • The board would be colorful and the buttons would contain pictures of the animal making the sound.

Litebrite led board
LiteBrite LED Board

  • Similar to LiteBrite, we would design an LED board with custom designs for many animals. The child would place the correct lights on the board to form the animals.

  • Facts could be included along with the animals for educational value.