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RYA N & W Windsurfer Zone Squad Programme 2007

RYA N & W Windsurfer Zone Squad Programme 2007. Parent Workshop. Chris Blackburn RYA High Performance Manager, North and West Zones : First Port of Call for all issues regarding Youth Sailing in the North and West zones.

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RYA N & W Windsurfer Zone Squad Programme 2007

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  1. RYA N & W Windsurfer Zone Squad Programme 2007 Parent Workshop

  2. Chris Blackburn RYA High Performance Manager, North and West Zones: First Port of Call for all issues regarding Youth Sailing in the North and West zones. Information point for Clubs, Parents, Sailors, Youth Coordinators, Coaches in the Zone. Responsible for Managing local Zone Squad programme, Volvo RYA Champion Club Scheme, Coach development etc. Responsible for delivering Youth Coordinator Conferences, Zone Championships Introductions

  3. What the Zone Squad is about Clarifying aims, expectations and roles Squad training logistics Identifying next steps, ET, National Junior Squad etc. Share key dates Exploring how best to mutually manage development of sailors, how you can help Any other business or issues you want to discuss ZS Parent Workshop Overview

  4. Please call:- Squad/Sailor Issues Chris Blackburn 07909 994637 chris.blackburn@rya.org.uk Zone Squad admin queries Contact Jenny Campbell-James, 01243 641176 Jenny.campbell-james@rya.org.uk If emailing please Highlight Your Zone. Dealing with issuesPositive or Negative

  5. RYA English Zone Squads

  6. “To deliver high quality, squad based training locally to the sailors who have the best prospects of progressing to the RYA National Junior Squad and winning medals in the future.” Aim of ZS Programme

  7. North and West Zone Coaches Ian Roberts James Bulleid Beth Williamson Alex Griffiths The Coaches

  8. Responsible for planning structure of programme/ weekends Liaise with venue Feedback to HPM Overall responsibility for safety Delivery/ facilitation of remote coaching: Priming- ideally by Tuesday before w/e Scaffolding- ideally by Wednesday after w/e Roles

  9. 0930 rigged but un-changed ready for warm up. 0930 briefing for all (parents & kids) The plan will be depend on Conditions on the day The Programme and Sailors Requirements Finish Saturday by 1700 Sunday same start time Depart by 1630 with self training points Normal Schedule for training weekends

  10. What do Coaches need support with? RIB’s, launching, safety etc. Parent Rota: Parent’s in RIB’s (safety) Duty parent ashore (emergencies) Feeding & warming sailors a.s.a.p on return to shore. How can you help on the weekends?

  11. If in any doubt.. Please check your e mails and the website below If we have to postpone a weekend our aim is to post on the website and send e mails by 1400hrs on the Friday. If you are still uncertain please ring Chris Blackburn on 07909 994637 Poor weather plans

  12. West & North Annual ZS Programme Dates/ venues of training

  13. RYA member ????? Attend RYA Zone Championships Youth and Masters Commit to Regional, National & International Competition in due course Develop Skills outside squad based training Consistent level of board & rig preparation Warm Up & Cool down (routine) Expectations of ZS

  14. Calendar Planning • Training is vital but there is also a need for a balanced racing programme for young sailors. • Identify the key qualification/selection regattas. • There is more to life than sailing…. The kids may argue with that!

  15. 2007 RYA Eric Twiname Championships • Inter Zone/ Home Country Junior Race Event • 12th & 13th May 2007 - Rutland Sailing Club • All Zone /HC squad’s in Mirror’s, Cadet’s & Windsurfer’s (excluding NJS) • 8 Topper’s & 8 Optimists • Selection series

  16. Selection Criteria and Procedure (TBC) 12 Sailors (Normally at least 4 Girls.) Sailors would be U16 @ 31 Dec 07 but may include 3 discretionary places. U14 6.8 & U16 7.8 National Junior Squad Qualifiers (Coach Supported) UKWA Inlands Series/ Whitwell 19th & 20th May 2007 UKWA Welsh Cup/ Tenby 16th & 17th June 2007 RYA Youth & Masters Champs 2007 15th & 16th September 2007 WPNSA Bic Techno National Squad (NJS)

  17. Selected from: Local Bic Techno Steering Groups Open training, dates to TBC RYA Zone Championships 29 & 30 September 2007 Venue TBC Shortly Sailors normally Under 15 on 31/12/2007 RYA N & W Zone Squad 2007/8

  18. Questions which are useful to ask your child, and perhaps more importantly to ask yourself are: Why does your child sail? Why do you want them to sail? Why invest all the time, money, sacrifice and hard work? What does success for your child in sailing look like to you? What’s the purpose?

  19. Coaches from a variety of different sports were asked about parental involvement in sport - what was their most common response? A) “The kids are great, it’s the parents that cause the problems. If I had my way I’d ban em all.” B) “They are an inconvenience that just have to be tolerated” C) A vital part of the support team Where You The Parents Fit In

  20. You, the parents, are: A vital part of the support team Valued members of the support team The most influential people in the development of your child We need your help! Reinforcing key messages - pulling in the same direction The RYA’s Philosophy

  21. The Support Team Parents Sailor Coach Manager Sport Scientists

  22. What is a habit? The overlap of: Knowledge – ‘What to do’ Skill – ‘How to do’ Attitude – ‘Why (want) to do’ Here’s where we need your support… Developing Good Habits

  23. Non-dependency – ‘teaching’ V’s ‘doing’ Creating a Professional Culture Dependent Independent Non-dependency

  24. Encourage a professional approach to sailing: Tick all the controllable boxes (process V’s outcome) Food – fuel for sailing Encourage training preparation: Clear goals to work on (strengths & opportunities) Warm-up and cool-down routines Creating a Professional Culture (cont.)

  25. Encourage positive evaluation: Strengths & opportunities (not outcome) Building confidence (prevent Alton Towers effect) Perspective (long term development) Encourage enjoyment: They are not doing it for you, but because they enjoy it Creating a Professional Culture (cont.)

  26. The Supportive Parent: Encourages professional habits and non-dependency Focuses on the processes (big picture) not the outcome Helps to reinforce the good stuff (regardless of performance) - build confidence Reinforces the messages of the support team Is aware that they are a source of pressure to their daughter/son. Manages their expectation so as not to heighten pressure Summary

  27. Please call me…… 07909 994637 chris.blackburn@rya.org.uk Dealing with issues…Positive Or Negative!!

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