medicare supplement plans
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Medicare Supplement Plans

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Medicare Supplement Plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medicare Supplement Plans.

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medicare supplement plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap insurance companies in most states can only sell you a “standardized” Medigap policy identified by letters A through N. Being “standardized“means that if, for example, Policy F is sold by one company, then the benefits on that plan must be identical to those offered on Policy F from any other insurance company.

Cost is usuallytheONLYdifference between Medigap policies with the same lettersold by different insurance companies!

Licensed Broker – Estelle Porter


ForFree Assistance in Selecting and Obtaining the Best Plan and Rate Out There, Call Estelle at (610) 857-3322

Estelle is hardworking and will continually monitor the market for you as it changes to ensure that you always have the best plan in place.

She is equally committed to her family and grandchildren!


Different insurance carriers use their own standards for evaluating health issues when determining eligibility and premium rates for their plans. Even if you do have health issues, it is possible that certain carriers will still accept you onto their plans and give you good rates.

Even if you’ve missed out on your Open Enrollment Period, if you are healthy, you can still qualify for the best rates. That is why it’s soimportant to getaccepted into a plan and get a good rate now while you’re still in good health!

ForFree Assistance in Selecting and Obtaining the Best Plan and Rate Out There, Call Estelle at (610) 857-3322Toll Free 1 (844) MY MEDIGAP

The good news is that once you’re accepted onto a Medigap plan, the policy is guaranteed renewable even if you develop health problems!

Let’s take a look at how a Medicare Supplement can save you a lot of money if you get sick and need hospitalization or extensive medical care:

For demonstration purposes, here's an example of the excellent coverage you can have with Plan G. This particular plan will cover your $1216 hospitalization deductible... (Estelle will be happy to demonstrate coverage for you on any of the other available plans as well)The charts on the next slide outline the actual cost savings.

This particular plan will cover your $1,216 deductible for your first 60 days for hospitalization, semi privateroom and board, general nursing, misc. services and supplies. Here are some of the other expenses covered:

  • $304 per day from day 61-90.
  • $608 per day from 91st day and after (while using 60 lifetime reserve days)
  • 100% of Medicare Eligible hospital expenses will be paid for an additional 365 days.
  • $152 per day from day 21-100 for Skilled Nursing facility care.
  • 20% co-insurance for Dr. bills and Medical Expenses not paid by Medicare.
  • 100% of Part B Excess Charges (Above Medicare Approved Amounts)
I am deeply committed to helping seniors attain the safety net they need regarding their finances and health.

Here’s what people who have worked with me have to say about my character and their experience with me:

“I have known Estelle for almost 12 years, ever since I was ordained. I feel called to let you know how much I have respected and benefited from her work over the years. I experience her as a serious, dedicated, and energetic person who is sincerely seeking a life of usefulness to others.

My communications with her have always been productive and pleasant, with a calm and friendly approach and always made me feel that she was genuinely pleased to help me.”

— Rev. Susannah L. Currie, M. Div

BCC / Bridgewater, MA

“Estelle is one of the most kind, thoughtful, and intelligent persons I have ever met. Having worked with Estelle for over a decade, I witnessed first hand her sincere dedication to conducting herself with authenticity, generosity, and integrity. I trust her implicitly, and highly recommend her as she has great value, and much to offer the world.”

— Karen Connor, Art Director, Swedenborg Foundation / West Chester, PA

“I unreservedly recommend Estelle where selfless service, strong moral values, and genuine caring are prime considerations. She treats everyone with generosity, kindness, gentle humor, and intelligence. She is willing to field down every question and chase down every answer if it would be of service.”

— Stuart Shotwell, Ph.D., Member, Board of Directors, Swedenborg Foundation / Cooper, ME

“I have always known that whatever I needed would be met with Estelle’s proficiency and her personal attention. I always felt valued when I called, but most of all, I knew whatever I requested would be done properly and with utmost care.”— Rev. Mike Cates/ Lewisville, TX

Estelle Porter, Licensed Insurance Broker(610) 857-3322Toll Free 1 (844) MY [email protected]

According to the official government guide entitled:

Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare

“Cost is the ONLY difference between Medicare Supplement policies

with the same letter sold by different companies.”

I will be delighted to help you find

the best plan available to fit your personal needs.