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August 2013

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August 2013

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  1. Corporate Biography August 2013 WASHINGTON DC AUSTIN SAN FRANCISCO

  2. About Us

  3. History ADVI, a merger of HillCo HEALTH and AccelusHealth Partners was founded by Marc Samuels and Lawrence Leisure in 2013. Our team members translate the value of client products and services into the language and currency of payers, both public and private. In doing so we create value for new or existing clients by accelerating time to revenue and profitability with a higher degree of market certainty.

  4. Where we are Primary Offices Global Associate Network London EU Washington DC Austin Menlo Park Brazil Australia

  5. Our Mission Be unique among advisory firms Provide a balanced viewpoint on reimbursement, accelerating time to revenue, and idea generation Be relentless to ensure we do the right thing for the right reasons for our clients with a view on the world as it will be, not just as it is today

  6. Therapeutic Area Knowledge • Tech • Healthcare Delivery Systems • EMR • Digital and Interactive Health Media • Diagnostics • Image Processing • Specialty Pharmacy Distribution • DME Distribution • Biotech & Drugs • Oncology • Oncology Supportive • Cardiovascular • Diabetes • Respiratory • Osteoporosis • Alzheimer’s • CNS • Radiopharmaceuticals • ESRD/CKD • Multiple Sclerosis • Dermatology • General Surgery • Transplant medicine • Sensory organs • Sports Medicine • Urology • Women’s Health • Devices • Brain cancer mapping and treatment • Breast cancer monitoring • Bio stimulation • Cardiovascular technologies • Bone Growth repair • Urinary Incontinence • Anal Bulking • Ophthalmologic • Spinal devices • Transplant devices • Sleep Apnea devices • Deep Brain Stimulation • Orthopedic Implant • Wound Care • Radiopharmaceuticals • Diagnostics • Biomarkers • Pan cancer Multianalyte and NEXTGEN sequencing tests • Companion diagnostics • In Vivo diagnostics • Molecular diagnostics • Point of Care tests • Image Mapping technology

  7. Our Strengths ProvenResultsin pricing, reimbursement and market access strategies across US and Global markets Industry leading venture capital, private equity and investment banking cross firm practice Pharmacist and physician panels in oncology, radiation oncology and diagnostics Global Focus: International team with payer, industry and government experience Modelling capabilities to support health technology assessment (HTA)/gap analysis and business case development Unique access to national, regional and local payers across the USA, in both public and private settings of care Rare knowledge of the people, politics and processes inherent in CMS, FDA and HHS as well as the cancer community Access to cutting edge data analytics and research

  8. ADVI IS UNIQUE: Government, scientific, industry, payer, and professional consultancy experience and expertise in one company

  9. About Our Process

  10. ADVI Strategic and Tactical Expertise Obstacles in Obtaining Reimbursement • Inconsistent decision-making criteria • Systems not designed to recognize medical value • Different systems in each country • Lengthy process • Multiple agencies and parties Data Outcome Scientific Economic Coding & Payment Strategy Payor Strategy 1 2 2 3 Reimbursement/Payer Strategy: Targeted payers identified, and approach developed Value Foundation: Clinical value and health econ value established Keeping Pressure: Influencers identified and managed, momentum sustained 1 2 3 ADVI CAPABILITIES REACH ACROSS THE SPECTRUM

  11. Key Strategic Questions ? Early Engagement • Can you maximize the use of your resources by trying to capture payer related evidence during clinical trials • Have you sought payer input to validate your clinical evidence plan? • Are you engaging local KOLs that will support reimbursement activities? ? Reimbursement and Payer Action Plan • What is your reimbursement strategy? And do we need payer specific strategies? • What is the optimal organization set up and process to deliver success? ? Focus Resources, Align Interests Who are the stakeholders in pushing / guiding Payers on decisions? How can you align and drive towards our Stakeholders’ defined success?

  12. Possible Strategy Investigatecurrent opportunities and challenges Understandcoding, coverage and reimbursement Identifychallenges, barriers and opportunities Developstrategies of how the organization can create and maintain favorable access, reimbursement and across payer types Implementtactics to create such an environment

  13. Possible Strategic Implementation Analyze coding scenarios and develop strategic product positioning within the American Medical Association (AMA) CPT and RUC, CMS, and key medical specialty organizations; and create  strategic solutions that complement marketing initiatives Develop landscape assessments mindful of evolving legislative and regulatory policies and national and local coverage trends; facilitate advisory boards, focus groups, and interviews with payer decision makers to assess issues and formulate strategies Advance strategic policy plans with appropriate agencies (CMS, AHRQ, state agencies, and targeted private payers); cultivate patient and professional advocacy support  to address policy changes ADVI KEY CAPABILITIES DRIVE SUCCESS