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Media in Sport. By Nick Thompson, Jonny Roberts and Matt White. Advantages: Can make an Athlete perform at their h ighest level if they are in the s potlight.

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Media in sport

Media in Sport

By Nick Thompson, Jonny Roberts and Matt White


  • Advantages: Can make an

    Athlete perform at their

    highest level if they are in the


  • Disadvantages: The media can be more focused on the player and there personality than the actual event, which is bad for the occasion.



  • Advantages: Gives a

    medium for the coach to

    give out statements

    regarding the club, also

    allows them to publically

    show support for a player.

  • Disadvantages: A coach is always being watched and if there team is performing badly they can receive most of the media’s criticism, possibly for the

    wrong reasons.



  • Advantages: An advantage

    of the media for an official

    is recognition for consistent

    good performances and

    this could push them onto

    bigger games. (Howard Webb)

  • Disadvantages: An official

    can gain a bad reputation if

    they are constantly marked

    by forms of media.



  • Advantages: If the media

    portrays a sport in a good

    light it can boost the

    reputation of the sport an

    increase the amount of spectators going to


  • Disadvantages: If a sport is

    well covered in the media it

    will decrease motivation to

    go and watch the event when

    they could watch it from their



World games

  • Advantages: With the eyes

    of the world watching your

    country it is important to

    make a show of the event and can bring in

    large amounts of money, it can also make

    the even more appealing to the spectator.

  • Disadvantages: Times of event

    have to be changed so that

    maximum viewing figures can be

    reached, could be awkward for

    the participants.

World Games


  • Advantages: It can be good

    for revenue of the sport and

    make the format of the sport

    more exciting for spectators.

  • Disadvantages: Media can

    make one sport out to be more important

    than others, and it can give sports with

    little revenue any chance of making large

    TV profits.