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Jacob Pistrin – 10 MYOB PowerPoint Presentation
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Jacob Pistrin – 10 MYOB

Jacob Pistrin – 10 MYOB

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Jacob Pistrin – 10 MYOB

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  1. Jacob Pistrin – 10 MYOB MYOB Assessment Task.

  2. What does the Company do? The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is the largest bank in Australia. Common Wealth bank of Australia works with Banking, financial and related services. When did the company first become a listed company? Commonwealth Bank of Australia first became a listed company in the Stock Exchange in 1991. The General trend in CBA’s share price over the last six months has only been going up but with some fairly big bumps over the way. S&P/ASX 200’s trend in the last 6 months has also been going up with some bumps along the way. The Performance of CBA has been better then S&P/ASX 200 but they are still both Similar as they both go up with a few bumps on the way.

  3. Commonwealth Bank’s Last Announcement. 23/03/2010 - Becoming a substantial holder for MDL. I think it was Important for Commonwealth to announce it to let people know that they are investing into a company that Commonwealth think will go well. This was Significant because they are announcing something that may change the price of the share. Is your Company due to paya dividend in the future and if so how much? Yes, Commonwealth is due to pay a dividend of $1.53 late this year.

  4. What market sector does your company belong to? Commonwealth bank fits into the Bank sector which fits inside the Financial Sector. Write a brief paragraph about how this sector of the market has performed over the last 12 months. The bank Sector in the last year could be better but it has been going up lately with of course a lot of bumps up and down, up and down. Hopefully it can reach its full potential and get as high as it did in 2007.

  5. MYOB Company Research Assignment Jacob Pistrin – 10 MYOB