Hampshire county council draft school places plan 2011 2015
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Hampshire County Council Draft School Places Plan 2011- 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hampshire County Council Draft School Places Plan 2011- 2015 . Western Primary School Parents Survey Feedback 29 th March 2012. Scene Setting:. Western Church of England Primary School, Winchester 422 children on roll 2011

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Hampshire county council draft school places plan 2011 2015

Hampshire County CouncilDraft School Places Plan2011- 2015

Western Primary School

Parents Survey Feedback

29th March 2012

Scene setting
Scene Setting:

Western Church of England Primary School, Winchester

422 children on roll 2011

Year R intake temporarily increasing to 90 pupils for September 2012

School designed for 220 pupils, ad-hoc expansion and optimisation over the years.

Large open outdoor spaces

Survey objectives
Survey Objectives:

No solutions proposed , information gathering process

Initial Objective:

Vehicle to feedback parents’ views into consultation process.

Simple to complete

10 Structured and free format questions

Revised, pre launch to include:

Rotherly Proposal

3 form entry question

Junior and Infant school suggestions.


SurveyMonkey- on line survey tool – limits survey completion to once per computer.

223 separate parents responded

Responses equate to circa 50% of parents

94% of respondents live in So22

We would like the results included for this consultation and the new Rotherly consultation as responses are relevant to both.

Question 1 a small sample of the 73 comments
Question 1 - A small sample ofthe 73 Comments

“My main concern is the risk of disruption to our children's education. The least disruptive option is preferred”

“I'm nervous of the temporary development as on current form I wouldn't trust HCC to work on the optimum solution ……..”

“Whatever the outcome, please ensure that Western has the right funding to increase the capacity in 2012 and ensure that this year's intake doesn't suffer with inferior facilities”

“I would like to see other sites considered for a new/additional school besides the

Westgate/Western site.”

“Don't disturb a winning formula.”

“School location should be within catchment area. I cannot see catchment areas working with two adjacent schools”

“Wherever development of existing schools takes place this needs to be accompanied with increases in facilities e.g. sports, library, ITC, Hall/common meeting space, play”

“I would hope to see the excellent infant teachers currently at Western retained”

“We need permanent solutions immediately”

Question 2 a small sample of the 104 comments
Question 2 - A small sample ofthe 104 Comments

“General facilities are already stretched”

“But investment in infrastructure is key.”

“Western is already a reasonably large school, yet has managed to retain a friendly, community atmosphere in which the Head teacher knows each pupil and each family ”

“I would like to see other sites considered for a new/additional school besides the

Westgate/Western site.”

“As long as the core facilities are updated

to cope with more children”

“We must allow all local children to have local schooling. But I think a completely new school is required with well thought out plans rather than a knee jerk reaction that could lead to more problems in future years.”

“Don't disturb a winning formula.”

“3 form entry school DO NOT work, they are TOO BIG for young children. They are tolerable if they are split into Juniors & Infants. Large schools do not help develop a child's confidence and a child/family's sense of community.”

“I would be extremely supportive of this if there were sensible plans to increase core facilities for children and staff.”

“The school would be too big. The facilities (weg hall,ICT,admin) could not cope.”

Question 3 a small sample of the 19 comments
Question 3 - A small sample ofthe 19 Comments

“It is hard to say without final plans. It feels like last minute ideas to find a solution to a problem that should have been dealt with some time ago.”

“School needs to be rebuilt”

“If there is not to be a change to the catchments in the city, Western will continue to be under pressure to accommodate all of the children in its catchment area. ‘”

“The 'investment' in the services is essential to accommodate the short term increase in school numbers. It doesn't feel like it is an investment above and beyond this - just responding to a 'crisis‘”

“I don't think the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages of increased traffic and congestion. Lots of families would not walk, even if they have the opportunity. If Western were enlarged without substantial improvement of its infrastructure, thin educational standards and the nurturing feel of the school would suffer due to the problems of sharing facilities which are already too small.

“The only advantage I can see is for the older primary kids who will experience a bigger school environment, providing less of a leap to the secondary school environment.

Question 4 a small sample of the 39 comments
Question 4 - A small sample ofthe 39 Comments

“just too big.”

“a SCOLA design, the school infrastructure is not good enough”

“poor environment for small children”

“Larger school is more impersonal. Children's welfare not as well catered for in larger school. Teachers cannot be expected to know all pupils by name.

“I don't feel it's appropriate for young children to be part of such a large school as it is harder for core staff to take account of their needs.”

“The bigger the school the greater the chance that some children 'fall through the net' with their learning, or their emotional needs are not met at such a crucial time.”

“School is already an intimidating place for some kids. Please don't let the school become too big..”

“Will catchment areas change? Is the current lack of school places in Fulflood or other parts of Winchester? If other parts of Winchester, Western should not be pressurised to take on extra places!.”

“3 form entry school DO NOT work, they are TOO BIG for young children. They are tolerable if they are split into Juniors & Infants. Large schools do not help develop a child's confidence and a child/family's sense of community.”

“I am certain that the staff will work to keep the kids in good education but there is only so much one can do with failing infrastructure.”

“Needs drop off bays on Chilbolton Avenue for cars”

Question 5 a small sample of the 26 comments
Question 5 - A small sample ofthe 26 Comments

“The school do fantastic job ensuring that every child is treated as an individual”

“Very good”

“It concerns me that additional places may result in a lower standard of care.”

“An excellent school”

“Care is excellent. Education would be extremely good if the children had space an individual attention to be able to be stretched to achieve their individual potential.”

“I rate highly the hard work, dedication and commitment to the children and their families of the management team and staff.”

“From my limited experience (eldest child in yr 2) the school does extremely well with the limited space and teaching support available to them.

“The bigger the school the greater the chance that some children 'fall through the net' with their learning, or their emotional needs are not met at such a crucial time.”

“Western is a good school with many outstanding features (as confirmed by ofsted in the latest inspection). The leadership of the school is exemplary, the ethos of the school is caring and inclusive and the children are happy, secure and make enormous progress. We desperately need to find a solution for the medium and long-term which allow the school to continue to provide this outstanding experience for its pupils”

“... in spite of the building. I believe that with better appointed classrooms where all children could sit at a table and face the teacher at the same time; acoustic separation of classrooms from each other; and proper circulation routes that are defined corridors and not part of the classrooms, it might become extremely good.be truly excellent..”

Question 6 a small sample of the 50 comments
Question 6 - A small sample ofthe 50 Comments

“Western should NOT become a permanent three form entry school”

“modular classrooms very soon deteriorate and don't feel part of the main school. multiphase development would be very disruptive.”

“Whatever causes least disruption to the working of the school and the safety of those in it.”

“Although preferable building an entire new school on the site may not be affordable. Also, how will the disruption to children's education be minimised with any new build (either in part or entirely) be arranged.”

“Why use existing open play areas ? Develop steel frame and modular classes above 'dead' air space to grass bank in front of kitchen, reposition kitchen to enlarge assembly hall and link to new build….”

“Knock it down and build. Two storey structure. The current school building is already pushing it to be appropriate for today's numbers for teaching. It's too hot and airless and noisy..”

“Whichever option provides the most appropriate facilities for the children ultimately. Don't know enough to answer this appropriately.

“This school building has reached the end of its useful life even as it is. The only effective long term sustainable solution is for a new purpose built facility”

“This is an opportunity to move away from the inadequate current building. The other options perpetuate the compromise and would not secure the school buildings' future”

Question 8 a small sample of the 110 comments
Question 8 - A small sample ofthe 110 Comments

“To listen and act positively on the views of the parents and teachers involved in this decision.

“Just a thank you to Mrs Smith and the governors for doing a fantastic job of lobbying HCC and for keeping parents so well informed.?”

“Without major investment to Western Primary, the school should not be made into

a 3 form entry school.

“I have great confidence in the leadership and management at the school..”

“I believe children should be educated at their local school, be able to walk to school, to feel invested in the community ….the Rotherley site is poor, access is terrible and despite the ability of children walking to schools, it would be naive to think the car problem would not be immense”

“The most important thing is that the children's education does not get disrupted by all these changes e.g. building works etc. Making these changes could actually benefit our children and our school if done in a considered way.”

“Western is a fantastic school with strong leadership and excellent support for all children. It would be very sad if any part of this is lost with division of the school into Infant and Junior Schools or lack of investment and a change to a three form entry.”

“I am certainly not against a bigger primary school… I do believe that a phased approach to this problem is the only way to proceed. I think the sudden proposal of the new 'Westgate' school is a rather surprising knee-jerk reaction to try and pacify disgruntled parents. I hope that proper consultation may prevail this time round and that every single issue is scrutinised, publicised and challenged, before a decision is taken which will affect such a significant amount of children. ”

Question 9 a small sample of the 81 comments
Question 9 - A small sample ofthe 81 Comments

“It seems very rushed..”

“This should have been done 4 years ago.”

“Too little too late.”

“What consultation prior to this? Why so late in the day?”

“The Council appears to have been entirely negligent in preparing for the increase in primary school demand. This must have been evident from forecast figures. The current proposals for temporary classrooms are fire fighting a problem that should not have arisen. ”

“I can't believe in Feb 2012 that we're really only just getting into a discussion that impacts from September 2012 - very last minute!”

“I am still speechless with fury about how little creativity or foresight there seems to be. Surely it can't have come as a sudden surprise that there was a 'bulge' of young children? Why has so much development been allowed along Chilbolton Avenue without the necessary investment in surrounding infrastructure, including schools?”

“Woeful. Abysmal. Lamentable”

“With all the additional building within Winchester in recent years it was obvious that the existing schools would not cope with additional numbers - council have left it too late to effectively plan for the additional children..”

“Lack of prior strategic planning: We are being asked now for issue that will impact this September..”

“Foreseeable problem and therefore should have been dealt with years ago... reactive rather than proactive handling..”

Key themes
Key Themes

Proper infrastructure investment is key under all proposals, incl. temporary solutions.

No clear path to a solution

Rotherly, a start to acknowledge a permanent solution but not the solution as tabled.

Western considered a good /very good school with outstanding features

HCC not shown in good light by process.

Next steps
Next Steps

Please read the full comments, they are a challenge to randomly sample!

Please review consultation process and make more inclusive.

Please consider the full responses as part of the Rotherly consultation

The question and answers need to be more clearly stated.


Full survey

Full survey data