Distortion in media coverage
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Distortion in Media Coverage. James Miller. What Happened?. According to the CNN article, what do you think occurred when James Miller was shot? What is your general impression of the events?. Palestinian National Authority Version.

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What happened
What Happened?

  • According to the CNN article, what do you think occurred when James Miller was shot?

  • What is your general impression of the events?

Palestinian national authority version
Palestinian National Authority Version

  • "targeted and killed in cold blood, by the fire of the Israeli tanks.”

  • Miller was covering the demolition of a Palestinian family's home by Israeli tanks and bulldozers when "heavy shooting" erupted from the Israeli side.

Israeli defense forces version
Israeli Defense Forces Version

  • “the [Israeli] force was under fire and in which the force returned fire with light weapons,”

  • During the operation, Israeli forces came under fire from Palestinians, who threw hand grenades and Molotov cocktails, the spokesman added

  • "Cameramen who knowingly enter a combat zone endanger themselves as well as the troops, and clearly run the risk of being caught in the crossfire.”

Relationship to the filters of propaganda
Relationship to the Filters of Propaganda

  • Sources

    • How accurate is the information that CNN is receiving from its sources?

  • Flak

    • "It is an urgent appeal to press the Israeli government to respect the principles of human rights and journalists' rights," the statement said.

  • Anti-Terrorism

    • The Israeli government has long argued that some peace activists help terrorist networks and that others endanger their lives and the lives of IDF troops when they act as "human shields" during military operations.

Worthy or unworthy
Worthy or Unworthy?

  • Gory Details?

  • Cries for justice?

    • calling on "all the international peace and human rights organizations to intervene, protecting the Palestinian people as well as journalists and foreign people in the area.

  • Prominent coverage?

    • Actual announcement confirming the shot came from Israeli Defense Forces was buried in another article.

  • Regretful generalities of ever present violence

    • "The IDF expresses sorrow at the death of the cameraman who entered a combat zone," a spokesman said.


  • Concentration of Ownership

    • How does Murdoch and editors control news through memos?

  • Advertising

    • What is the “Fox Effect” on other networks?

  • Sources

    • Where does Fox get its information, commentators and guests?

  • Flak

    • Shut Up!

    • Personal Attacks

  • Anti-Terrorism

    • The use of fear to support political agenda.