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Clinical Handover Presenter: Ned Douglas

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Innovation Poster Session HRT1215 – Innovation Awards Sydney 11 th and 12 th Oct 2012. Clinical Handover Presenter: Ned Douglas. Health Service: Melbourne Health. KEY PROBLEM.

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Presentation Transcript
clinical handover presenter ned douglas

Innovation Poster Session

HRT1215 – Innovation Awards


11th and 12th Oct 2012

Clinical HandoverPresenter: Ned Douglas

Health Service: Melbourne Health

key problem

Findings from the “Hospital at Night” project indicate that shift to shift clinical handover between junior medical staff (JMS) at Melbourne Health (MH) occurred in an inconsistent manner and did not meet best practice guidelines.

Shift to shift handovers between JMS were only 52% compliant with Victorian Quality Council (VQC) criteria.

This had the potential to negatively impact upon patient safety and continuity of care.

aim of this innovation

To improve and standardise shift to shift handovers between JMS for all general and specialist medical and surgical units, emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU) at RMH City Campus and Royal Park Campus.

key changes implemented

Focused on Afternoon Handover in Specialty Medicine, the worst performing time for the worst performing units.

Protected Handover time 1630-1700

Internal, Melbourne Health, handover guidelines were developed

Handover education was given to all parties involved in handover

Standardised documentation in the form of an electronic handover tool was provided

Designated location: ward in specific location

Standardise content (ISBAR) was required

Standardised process was agreed upon by units involved and followed

outcomes so far

Pilot – 2011

Medical After Hours 2

Compliance to MH Handover Guidelines for DOCUMENTATION was 98%

Handover Forms

  • Documentation template (handwritten) given to each cover doctor.
  • Despite compliance with documentation template there was no process to keep this information
  • Therefore, there was still low accountability for information handed over – an electronic handover tool has been developed as a solution


Improvement - 2012

All units

Specialty medical units increased from 23% to 62.5% (VQC Criteria) following improvement.

lessons learnt

Support from senior clinicians is vital

Clarity around expectations on a very specific process level helped drive improvement

Where existing processes were adapted, the best compliance was seen