Aliens and animals
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Aliens and Animals. Your assignment…. A Side Step: Totally Believable Scenario.

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Aliens and animals

Aliens and Animals

Your assignment…

A side step totally believable scenario
A Side Step:Totally Believable Scenario

You are a part of an early food producing society. You have domesticated enough plant species to complete a food package sufficient for the needs of your people. You now have turned your attention domesticating animals.

All of sudden a spaceship drops from the sky and Gloraxionixixix the benevolent space alien from the planet Florp 14 emerges with a deal for you.

He is impressed with your ability to domesticate plants and transition from hunting and gathering to the more “civilized” mode of food production. He wants to reward you by allowing you to choose 3 of the animals from the list of 14 on for immediate domestication.

However, there are some rules….

The rules
The Rules

  • You must choose at least one animal from both the “major” and “minor” category.

  • You must choose one of the early food producing regions and pick animals that would survive/thrive there.

  • You must give Gloraxionixixix a reason for your choices.

  • If you try to choose more than 3 animals, break the rules on this page, or question the deal that Gloraxionixixix is offering you, he will immediately vaporize you with his Bloronifier and then eat your family with some space steak sauce he’s been dying to try ever since he picked some up at the intergalactic food market on Xebularian 12.

List of animals
List of Animals

Major Mammals – more widespread

Minor Mammals – less widespread

  • Sheep – wild ancestor located in West & Central Asia

  • Goat – wild ancestor located in West Asia.

  • Cow (ox or cattle) – wild ancestor Eurasia and North Africa

  • Pig- wild ancestor (boar) found in Eurasia & North Africa. (Only omnivore.)

  • Horse – southern Russia and Mongolia

  • Arabian (one-humped) camel – Arabia and surrounding area

  • Bactrian (two-humped) camel – Central Asia

  • Llama and alpaca – Andes

  • Donkey – wild ancestor in North Africa & maybe Southwest Asia

  • Reindeer – northern Eurasia

  • Water buffalo – wild ancestor (wa) in Southeast Asia

  • Yak – (wa) Himalayas and Tibet

  • Bali cattle – (wa) in Southeast Asia

  • Mithan– (wa) in India and Burma

And your 3 animals are include pictures too
And your 3 animals are…(include pictures too)

Zebras unhappy marriages and the anna karenina principle
Zebras, Unhappy Marriages, and The Anna Karenina Principle

  • In what ways did big domestic animals help human societies that possessed them?

  • When discussing the Ancient Fourteen domesticated animals, what was the difference between the “Major 5” and “Minor 9”. Why would this difference be significant?

  • What is the difference between a “domesticated” animal and one that has been “tamed”?