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The Fight for a Continent

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The Fight for a Continent
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The Fight for a Continent

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  1. The Fight for a Continent What are the other countries and groups currently doing in North America???? • Chapter Seven

  2. The Spanish Move North • Pages 232 - 236

  3. Fighting for Florida • The Spanish had a strong hold on most of South America and Mexico. • They wanted to control Florida as well. • Pedro Menendez de Aviles led a Small fleet to gain Control of French Florida. • The first colony in Current America was.....

  4. New Mexico • - Don Juan de Onate led a group across the Rio Grand and they named this area New Mexico. • - The Natives Americans on these lands lost this land to the Spanish that were in search of Gold. • - Spanish did not find gold on their expedition so....

  5. Hacienda • - Spanish built Haciendas, or self-sufficient estates, where they would have cattle graze. • - Haciendas had vegetable gardens, workshops, and mills. • * Who would have worked on these haciendas?

  6. Converting • The Spanish did want to convert Native Americans to Christianity, so they built missions. • To protect the missions they had to build military forts, also known as presidios.

  7. El Camino Real • “The Royal Road” was built to connect Mexico City and Santa Fe.

  8. The Pueblo Revolt

  9. Why did this happen? • - The pueblo attacked Settlements all over New Mexico that killed many Spanish. • - They did this because they were tired of Spanish taking their land, trying to convert the, and making them work.... What other group does this sound like? -Click photo above

  10. The Spanish take Mexico Back • - After Pope died the Pueblo and other peoples were not as united. • - The Spanish were able to reclaim Mexico in 1692. • - The Spanish continued to grow and founded many new towns including San Antonio.

  11. The French Explore the Mississippi • Pages 240 - 243

  12. What where the French doing? • The French lived in present-day Canada... some of their major settlements were... • French Traders and missionaries learned a lot from Native Americans.

  13. Exploring the Mississippi • - The French were excited to set up trading posts on the Mississippi. • - They also thought this could be a way to the Pacific Ocean, but when they realized they were headed South they had to turn back.

  14. Founding Louisiana • Nine years later Robert La Salle continued the expedition on the Mississippi. • He wanted to travel to the mouth of the Mississippi. • His group drug their sleds across snow and ice to make the trek.

  15. Claiming Louisiana • Robert La Salle traveled to mouth of the mississippi. • He claimed the Mississippi River Valley and all of it’s tributaries for the King.

  16. Many French Cities are still huge today such as Detroit and New Orleans.

  17. The French and Indian War • 246 – 251 • Click Photo

  18. Conflicts over Land • The English colonies continued to grow and wanted more land. • This led to many battles and a war with the Native American peoples.

  19. King Phillip’s War • Metacom, a Wampanoag leader, wanted to force these groups out of New England. • The English called Metacom “King Phillip” and this became known as King Phillip’s War. • After an entire year of fighting, Metacom was killed and the English won.

  20. Movement West • - During the 1700s settlers continued to move west. Land along the Atlantic became more expensive and settlers moved to the backcountry. • - This land was very rugged near the Appalachian Mountains. • - They built log cabins, hunted, and farmed.

  21. The Struggle • - Settlers moved all the way to the Ohio River Valley. • - This area was already claimed by the Native Americans and the French.... so.... who would take this land over??!?!?!

  22. Claiming the land.... • English wrote a strong letter in 1753 arguing this land was there land. • The French refused and the British went and tried to capture For Duquesne • Robert La Salle • Ohio River Valley was one of the tributaries. • They began to build forts to protect this area

  23. The English’s 1st defeat • - Washington defeated a group of French soldiers. • - Later the French went to Fort Necessity.

  24. The Beginning • This is the beginning of the French and Indian War. • The small battles between the British and the French AND the British and the Native Americans.

  25. Hoping for Allies • The British reached out to the Iroquois League to become an Ally in these battles. • However, Hendrick refused.... why did he refuse this alliance?

  26. Fort Duquesne • The British tried to take over the French Fort Duquesne. Once again they were defeated, but things were about to change.

  27. The British Begin to WIN! • - The British were growing tired of losing battles to the French, so they sent additional troops and they began to win. • -They also had the Iroquois join their forces.

  28. The Battle of Quebec • - The key battle was in Quebec in 1759. • -Victorious, The British were able to win the war.

  29. The Treaty of Paris • - this officially ended the French and Indian War. • - The land that previously belonged to the Natives now belonged to the English. • -What is a treaty? • - Who did not have a say in this matter?

  30. Pontiac’s Rebellion • Attacks on the British moving into the Ohio River Valley and along the Great Lakes. • The British were surprised by this and wanted these attacks to cease. • King George III issued the Proclamation of 1763 which stated that colonists would not move west of the Appalachian Mountains.