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Ms. Skye DeGroot’s Top Ten PowerPoint Presentation
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Ms. Skye DeGroot’s Top Ten

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Ms. Skye DeGroot’s Top Ten - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ms. Skye DeGroot’s Top Ten

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  1. Ms. Skye DeGroot’sTop Ten 1-3 IS 2012

  2. 10) Mrs. Skye-I’m Mrs. Skye DeGroot, I have a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Special Education. I loves teaching and working with students and their families. For fun, I like to hike, do yoga, act in plays, write children’s books (you can find them in our classroom library) and spend time with my husband and family.

  3. 9) Mr. Dan Vannoy • As a ParaEducator, Mountlake Terrace Elementary is my favorite school to work at. I have lived all my life in the Edmonds-Lynnwood area, and worked in the Edmonds School District for 7 years. • I have a daughter who went through the Edmonds School District. • I love to read, and I am active in coaching and volunteering in the Special Olympics. I believe every moment is a teachable moment and that every person can learn!

  4. 8) Ms. Denise Brown • I have been a ParaEducator at Mountlake Terrace Elementary for 12 years. • I enjoy working with children. I like doing crafts and cooking with kids. Already this year, we have made applesauce in class. All the children were safe. They had a lot of fun making it and eating it, too! • Fun facts about me are that my favorite color is red, I love to read, and I lived in Hungary for 7 years. I traveled throughout Europe and I speak Hungarian.

  5. 7) Reading and Writing • Building readers • Learning letters and sounds • Listening to stories • Picture walks and wordless books • Talking to children • Building writers • Writing with pictures • Writing with scribbles • Invented spelling

  6. 6) Families are SO Important! • Ask specific questions about your child’s day • Make time to read with your child every night • Check the notebook nightly, and write inside whenever you feel like communicating! • Come to school activities and volunteer in the classroom whenever possible! • Please bring in snacks to share with our class, as we have daily snack time after morning recess! • Check the folder EVERY NIGHT • Understand that WE are HERE FOR YOU! If you ever need help or have questions, please feel free to call, write, or come in!

  7. 5) Homework- every day • 15 minutes of reading every night- 5-7 days a week • Reading MEANS: • Telling a story about you or your family (in ANY language) • Reading a book to your child • Having your child do a picture walk (reading the pictures) • Practicing reading letter sounds • Practicing books from school • Practice reading sight words • 15 minutes of writing every night- 5-7 days a week • Writing MEANS: • Listening to your child tell a story or explain something • Writing a story together • Writing sight words • Going for a walk and having your child talk about what they see • Drawing a picture to tell a story • Labeling pictures with words they know

  8. 4) Communication • Our Monday Morning schoolwide “coffee email” • My monthly newsletter • Corrected schoolwork- weekly • I’m happy to talk with you • 425-431-3356 • • Stop by before or after school • Leave a note in the communication notebook

  9. 3) I See Each Child • The right challenge for each child • GOAL- No frustration breakdowns and no major boredom • I know and listen to each child • I help children build friendships and community • I build on each child’s strengths • I want your child to have an amazing year!

  10. 2) I Notice the Good Things • Positive reinforcement is FAR more effective than negative reinforcement • I catch kids doing the right thing – high 5s, positive praise, stickers, and red tickets • Kids know what to do- I’m clear with my expectations • We learn from mistakes • If we have a problem, You’llhear from me • #1 rule- RESPECT