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100 Words To Make You Sound Great PowerPoint Presentation
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100 Words To Make You Sound Great

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100 Words To Make You Sound Great - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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100 Words To Make You Sound Great

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    1. 100 Words To Make You Sound Great Semester Two Vocabulary Week 21 Words

    2. Adamant Henry Ford himself was adamant about lean and clean operating policies, saving his company millions of dollars by reducing waste and setting new standards with his time-saving assembly line. You must get the most out of the power, out of the material, and out of the time, he wrote in 1926, a credo that most contemporary CEOs would proudly hang on their office walls, (William McDonough and Michael Braungart, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, 2002).

    3. Beset Verb To attack from all sides. To trouble persistently; harass.

    4. Derelict Adjective Neglectful of duty or obligation. Remiss or careless.

    5. Furtive

    6. Furtive On starlight nights I used to pace up and down those long, cold streets, scowling at the little, sleeping houses on either side, with their storm-windows and covered back porches. They were flimsy shelters, most of them poorly built of light wood, with spindle porch-posts horribly mutilated by the turning-lathe. Yet for all their frailness, how much jealousy and envy and unhappiness some of them managed to contain! The life that went on in them seemed to me made up of evasions and negations; shifts to save cooking, to save washing and cleaning, devices to propitiate the tongue of gossip. This guarded mode of existence was like living under a tyranny. People's speech, their voices, their very glances, became furtive and repressed. Every individual taste, every natural appetite, was bridled by caution. The people asleep in those houses, I thought, tried to live like the mice in their own kitchens; to make no noise, to leave no trace, to slip over the surface of things in the dark, (Willa Cather, My Antonia, 1918; rev. 1926).

    7. Intemperate Adjective Not moderate. Excessive.

    8. Maven Noun A person who has special knowledge or experience. An expert.

    9. Penury Noun Extreme want or poverty. Destitution

    10. Pusillanimous Adjective Lacking courage. Cowardly.

    11. Squander Verb To spend money wastefully or extravagantly. To fail to take advantage of; lose a chance for.

    12. Uncanny Adjective Strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way.