Lamia the ancient greek city state
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Lamia the ancient Greek city-State. Representative God or Goddess. The Lamians representative Goddess was Lamia, hence the name.

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Representative god or goddess
Representative God or Goddess

The Lamians representative Goddess was Lamia, hence the name.

The Goddess Lamia was Poseidon's daughter and was Zeus lover. When Hera learned of their affair she stole her children. Lamia went crazy and tore out her own eyes. Zeus transformed her into a monster allowing her to exact her revenge by hunting down and devouring the children of others.

Lamia is often portrayed as a shark or more often a form of Bogey-Monster who preys on children during the night.

Lamia was known for
Lamia was known for..

Lamia was the chief city of Malis.

Its name was given to the Lamian War.

Lamía was known as Zituni from the 10th to the 19th century B.C.

Allies and enemies
Allies and Enemies

The Lamians allied with Athens, and confederate Greeks.

During the Lamian War the Lamians fought against Antipater.

Lamia the ancient greek city state

The Lamians name was given to the Lamian war in 323-322 B.C.