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Savant Data System To Launch Xpandretail PowerPoint Presentation
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Savant Data System To Launch Xpandretail

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Savant Data System To Launch Xpandretail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The opening of the unified control center for transportation systems and roads in Dubai.\nThe Opening of the sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Sheikh Khalifa Building in Oxford.\n\nUsing Xpandretail Analytics, business will be capable of coping with predominant market trends in all vertical structures of local and global enterprises. By getting month-by-month records of the number of potential visitors to retail store, malls and sites with higher floods of visitors, this data helps to understand the current flow of consumers and showcase the sites with a higher traffic.\n\nOnce applicable, data on Xpandretail Analytics will be timely collected and businesses then can make daily strategic decisions to improve conversion rates, track marketing campaigns, control \n\noperational costs and define key performance points of contact of each department in the \n\norganization. Savant\'s Xpandretail will render a fresh level of indexing in the region, \n\nentirely new in retail- retail acceleration through detailed data reports.\n

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