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WP Traffic Up Plugin review-- WP Traffic Up Plugin (SECRET) bonuses PowerPoint Presentation
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WP Traffic Up Plugin review-- WP Traffic Up Plugin (SECRET) bonuses

WP Traffic Up Plugin review-- WP Traffic Up Plugin (SECRET) bonuses

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WP Traffic Up Plugin review-- WP Traffic Up Plugin (SECRET) bonuses

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  1. WP Traffic Up Plugin – The Only Exit Traffic Plugin You'll Ever Need With Video "Autoplay Ready" TechnologyBuilt-In... • With WP Traffic Up Plugin, not only can visitors see a full page, but that page can even have an autoplay video on it. This is the ONLY software that I know that has this kind of technology, they call it “AutoplayReady”. • • WP Traffic Up PluginOverview • Homepage: WP Traffic Up Plugin OfficialSite • Product Name: WP Traffic UpPlugin • Type of Product: WPPlugin • Authors: Mark Hess & MichaelThomas • Target niche: Traffic Generation, Make Money Online, Brand New Advanced Exit IntentTechnology • Official Price:$17.95 • Special Offer: 35%-OFF Here! (It’s only at $9.95 for a very limitedtime) • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs inbelow: • GIANT Bonuses Pack1 • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack2 • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack3 • HUGE Bonuses Pack4 • MEGA Bonuses Pack5 • What is WP Traffic UpPlugin? • We all know exit popupswork. • Marketers for years have been using them to make the most out oftraffic. • But there are some people out there that still refuse to use them and I get why… They wereugly. • Well the “ugly” exit popups are now dead and they aren’t comingback.

  2. Chrome and Safari recently made changes to their browsers that rendered them obsolete. Some people will be happy while others who were using traditional exit popups are disappointed. Well a new Wordpress plugin just launched and you need to see it in action if you want to start capturing exittraffic. It’s called WP Traffic Up Plugin and it’s totally different than anything else out there. Here’s an overview of how it works… When someone goes to leave your page/site, they will be shown a full page that slide up using 9 built-in animationeffects. You specify the URL people will be shown when they leave your site. So this can be an optin page, affiliate offer, squeeze page, webinar signup form, one of your sales pages, or anything else. Heck, you don’t have to own thesite. But the really awesome thing about this plugin that makes it really unique is that those pages can even have autoplay videos on them. WP Traffic Up Plugin is the ONLY plugin or piece of exit intent software that will dothis.

  3. How Does WP Traffic Up WorkPlugin? Special Features of WP Traffic UpPlugin: Easily Profit From Your Exit Traffic With Your Products Or AffiliateOffers With WP Traffic Up, your options are limitless. Whenever a visitor is about to leave your site, you can instantly have another of your own offers, or an affiliate offer presented tothem. Your visitor doesn't even need to click anything or take any action of any kind. As soon as they're about to leave the page, your offer will be shown tothem. 9 Stunning Transition Animations WP Traffic Up features 9 stunning transition animations that will instantly grab your visitorsattention. No more "choppy" cut animations, or half-baked, half loaded pages, double scroll bars or any other nonsense from poorplugins.

  4. WP Traffic Up always looksamazing. • No one likes to buy from amateurs, and with WP Traffic Up, you'll always look like a pro... • Video "Autoplay Ready"technology • WP Traffic Up's "delay load" technology instantly fixes the visitor destroying problem of auto playvideos. • You can now easily show your exit traffic video squeeze pages, affiliate offers, or any other page that has an auto-playing video. • Everyone knows that videos convert better than text alone by a country mile.. and WP Traffic Up allows you to make the most ofthem. • Build A Profitable List The EasyWay • It's common knowledge that the easiest way to get started in business online is to build an emaillist. • The trouble is, most beginning marketers aren't confident enough to send their traffic straight to a squeezepage. • Truth be told, squeeze page conversion rates are low these days, often because marketers aren't providing enough value upfront. • With WP Traffic Up, you can drive your traffic to some content, then get them to opt in as they're about to leave thepage. • It's tricks like this that helps seasoned marketers build lists faster, cheaper and easier thanmost... • WP Traffic Up Plugin alsoincludes: • 2 Beautiful LoadingAnimations • Works With All WPSites • Sitewide or post/page mode - youchoose... • Installs inseconds • + Facebook Mastermind GroupAccess • How itworks: • WP Traffic Up Plugin Installs In Seconds & Is SUPER Easy ToUse.. • 1. Install & Activate theplugin

  5. The WP Traffic Up Wordpress plugin installs just like any other Wordpress plugin. Upload the plugin file to your site, click activate. You can start using it rightaway. Check A Box Then Copy and Paste YourLink All you need to do is copy/paste in your squeeze page, affiliate offer or sales page link, then enable WP Traffic Up site wide, or just one specificpages/posts. Done. You Are Good ToGo... Sit back and enjoy the increased subscibers, visitors and sales... It really is that easy to use... Why should you Get WP Traffic Up Plugin Now? WP Traffic Up Plugin is awesome and even much better than your “old” exitpopup: Now, as visitors attempt to exit your site, any page you choose (even if you don’t own the site) will slide in using one of the 9 built-in animations. What makes this unique and not like any other “exit intent” type software out there is that not only can visitors see a full page, but that page can even have an autoplay video onit. This is the ONLY software that I know that has this kind of technology, they call it “AutoplayReady”. And just imagine how effective this will be in bringing in more subscribers or making more money when you can show people full pageoffers. You will want to get in early onthis… And now after revealing all the features inside WP Traffic Up Plugin, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with WP Traffic UpPlugin. Special Bonuses from WP Traffic UpPlugin: Bonus 1: WP Legal DisclaimerPro

  6. Swipe these professionally written ready-to-go legal pages and use them on all of your wordpress poweredsites. We all know having legal disclaimers on our sites is anecessity. Having proper policies, notices, and disclaimers is a must. In the case of something like a copyright notice, it can help you defend youself against contentthieves. Some affiliate networks require you to have a privacy policy in place and every affiliate needs an FTC compliance page on theirsite. The Problem with many ‘legal page’ type plugins is that the pages they generate are (to put it bluntly)garbage. So they secured rights to high quality, professionally written legal disclaimers and packaged them into a plugin so can install them quickly on any Wordpress poweredsite. You can have these legal pages on your site in less than oneminute. Bonus 2: One ClickAddons

  7. One Click Addons = Biggerprofits. Add powerful “one click” upsells to your product salespages… Since putting this to use myself I’ve been in updated with emails from other marketers asking how to add these to their pages. That’s because thay see the massive potential. And this software makes it deadeasy. Easily Increases Sales andProfits A “One Click” Order Addon is a PROVEN Profit Booster. And it’s amzing just how much you can bump an order by with just one line oftext! Better Experience For Your Customers. Customer feedback shows that this kind of upsell is a positive experience. It is “upfront and not hidden” and buyers feel positive about ticking thebox. Intergrated With The Sales Page System You Use. Implementation is as easy and copying and pasting. It works with HTML pages, WP Pages and all the popular sales page building tools andplugins. No need to understand scripting or HTML. No HTML or scripting know how or experience necessary. Just paster the three blocks or “stuff” they give you where they tell you to and the systemworks.

  8. Bonus 3: Warning GraphicsPack Premium done-for-you warning call to action graphicspack… This bonus compiments WP Traffic Up perfectly and you can only get this bonus when purchase WP Traffic Up through theirlink. They’re giving you set of done-for-you call to action graphics that will get people to take action and check out your exiroffer. These will grab people’s attention and practically force them to read what’s on the page they are beingshown. There’s 13 total and they were created by a professional graphicdesigner. They look great on any page (it’s also good to use these on your OTO pages in your sales funnels). Bonus 4: OptinEngage

  9. Squezze Page Plugin For Lazy People. Setup Your Squezze Page In Less Than 2 Minutes… It doesn’t get any easier than this. Optin Engage allows you to build great looking squezze pages woth ZERO technicalknowledge. Optin Engage iscompatible with ANY autoresponder system out there such as Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Mailerelite, SendLane, and any other one you can thinkof. All you have to do is paste the newsletter / autoresponder code in the text box within the plugin and they’ll make sure thay transform that form, into the one that fits perfectly onto yourpage. Optin Engage works with as many fields as you want, it automatically detects all the fields and importsthem. So not only can you collect the person’s name and email address, you can collect as much information as you want such as their mailing address and phonenumber. Bonus 5: SurveyEngage

  10. Finally, a simple solution that allows you to display surveys anywhere on your site… How many Surveys have you created sofar? Are you tired of keeping everything in third partyservices? It’s time for a change, centralize everything directly into your website. You can create intuitive and easy to use surveys for your visitors in less than 5 minutes, and you can then use the information understand the needs of yourvisitors. Survey Engage is an simple which allows you to display surveys anywhere on your website, by just using a wordpressshort-code. Conclusion Right now, the price is under $10 for an unlimited site license and these guys are even giving you access to the private Traffic Up Facebook group where they answer questions, support the product, and show you some ninja stuff on how to make money using this plugin. 1830026417230808/

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