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lumify x9 The valuing of various arrangements is distinctive. You are given diverse choices really. Like you can purchase as least as one electric lamp and even you can purchase up to 20 spotlights in one request. The cost of one electric lamp is $79 and in this arrangement, there is no rebate. In the event that you purchase two electric lamps, you will pay $97, for the three lights, you will pay $119, for the four lights, you will pay $169, for the five lights you will be charged $145, for the 10 lights, you should pay $350 and on the off chance that you purchase 10 spotlights, you will pay $700. Henceforth you can spare a considerable measure of cash in the event that you purchase more electric lamps in one request. Presently you may feel that you require just a single electric lamp then why you will burn through cash on getting more than one! Really, when I needed to buy it and I found that the more lights I purchase, the more rebates I will get, I talked about it with my companions and persuaded them likewise to get it. Subsequently we purchased 10 lights in one request, one light for everybody and we appreciated the rebate on it. So I am giving you a thought how you can get the rebate! \n\n\n

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