welcome to honors geometry n.
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Welcome to Honors Geometry! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Honors Geometry!

Welcome to Honors Geometry!

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Welcome to Honors Geometry!

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  1. Welcome to Honors Geometry! Solon High School

  2. Mr. Damien Kopkas Education John Carroll University – BSBA in Marketing Baldwin-Wallace College – MA in Education Experience (8 years) Solon High School 2002-Present

  3. Objectives • To apply geometry to real world problems • To make connections between geometry and algebra and extend this to other topics • To employ technology to solve problems • To learn in a cooperative setting • To communicate mathematics

  4. Structure of the class Study Teams During this course your child will collaborate with other students as a member of a study team. Together, each team will complete problems and activities that will help them discover new mathematical ideas and methods. This is a very student-centered class. I will support your children as they work, but will not take away their opportunity to think and investigate for themselves. In order to be successful in this class your child will need to be a willing and active participant as they develop their mathematical understanding.

  5. Five Ways of Thinking • Investigate • Examine • Reason & Justify • Visualize • Choose Strategies & Tools

  6. Steps for Success • Preparation • Attendance • Participation • Independent practice • Collaboration • Communication

  7. Assessments • Class activities and assignments • Team Test on each unit • Individual Test on each unit • Formative Quizzes • Presentations and Classroom Observation • Technology activities

  8. Technology • Although I have access to a class set, the purchase of a TI-nspire or TI-84 plus calculator is highly recommended for this class. • The document model format of the TI-nspire allows the creation of interactive activities containing multiple applications that are linked together. Students will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through these guided investigations. • The TI-nspire calculator will carry your child through AP Calculus and beyond.

  9. Cumulative Project Aside from the smaller projects that students will be doing throughout the year, near the end of this course, students will research the relationship between geometry and a topic of interest to them. They will design a project and present to the class.

  10. Internet Information On my page, you will find daily lessons, homework, upcoming tests and quizzes as well as some of the class resources. To get to my page follow these steps: 1.Go to the Solon Schools web page 2.Choose Schools 3.Choose SHS 9-12 4.Scroll down to my name (Damien Kopkas) 5.Choose “Calendar” from the bottom 6.Choose the appropriate class

  11. Parent Resources • Our textbook publisher has many resources for parents including a parent guide at their website: This website also has all of the resource pages for activities in class. • Hints and select solutions to homework problems are available on • This presentation as well as class procedures and requirements and the parent letter are available in class files on my page on the school website:

  12. Communication Parent – Teacher communication is of utmost importance for student success. If at anytime you have a concern or question, please call or email me. I try to check my voicemail everyday, although email is the strongly preferred method of contact. • Voice mail: 349-7757 ext. 5413 • Email:

  13. Thank You! • Please feel free to contact me at any time with concerns or questions. • My school website is a great place to find out what your son or daughter is or should be working on! • Thank you for being a supportive parent. I am looking forward to a rewarding school year.