rrs james clark ross cruise jr165 scientific programme n.
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RRS James Clark Ross Cruise JR165 Scientific Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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RRS James Clark Ross Cruise JR165 Scientific Programme

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RRS James Clark Ross Cruise JR165 Scientific Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RRS James Clark Ross Cruise JR165 Scientific Programme
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  1. RRS James Clark Ross Cruise JR165Scientific Programme ACES-FOCAS Bellingshausen Sea Physical oceanography & sea ice studies Port Stanley (15th Feb 07) → Rothera (24th March 07)

  2. W A I S E A I S South Pacific & West Antarctic Topography Topography data north of 72oS courtesy of W.H.F. Smith (NOAA) Antarctic topography data from SCAR Antarctic Digital Database

  3. Forcings from the Oceans, Clouds, Atmosphere and Sea-Ice (FOCAS) • Objectives relevant to JR165 • Understand the processes causing decline in sea ice and land ice cover in the Bellingshausen Sea • Determine primary locations of Circumpolar Deep Water delivery to the Bellingshausen Sea continental shelf and the driving processes • Quantify the associated heat flux • Investigate modification of seawater below floating glacier ice • Determine the role of the regional circulation in melting the floating ice shelves

  4. Equipment & Sampling • Conductivity-Temperature Depth (CTD) casts • Provide vertical profiles of ocean temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen • Bottle samples taken for • Salinity calibration • Dissolved oxygen calibration • Oxygen-18 Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) • Measures the speed & direction of currents to 1000 m below the ship Sea Ice Corers & Drifters • Cores provide measurements of sea ice thickness • Drifters track sea ice motion through the subsequent winter • Also, underway ice observation

  5. * * CTDs Ice obs. Mooring 90°W 85°W 80°W 75°W 70°W 65°W 60°W JR165 Cruise Plan 67.5°S 70.0°S 72.5°S JR170 LTMS Wilkins Ice Shelf Antarctic Peninsula Alexander Island Ronne Entr. Eltanin Bay George VI Ice Shelf

  6. Shipboard Scientific Party Deb Shoosmith (PSO) BAS Oceanography Paul Holland BAS Oceanography Steve Harangozo BAS Oceanography Mags Wallace BAS Oceanography Ted Maksym BAS Sea Ice +1 (?) BAS Oceanography Sheldon Bacon NOC Oceanography Mark Brandon OU Oceanography / Sea Ice Karel Castro-Morales UEA Oceanography (Dissolved Oxygen) Mark Preston BAS AME Peter Lens BAS ICT +1 (?) BAS Geophysical Data Manager (Swath)

  7. Summary Five week research cruise (~4 weeks on site) to the Bellingshausen Sea • To investigate the oceanographic regime of the Bellingshausen continental shelf, in particular the processes that… • introduce warm Circumpolar Deep Water to the shelf, • drive its circulation on the shelf, and • regulate the amount of heat it gives up to the overlying ice cover and atmosphere