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ASSIGNMENT FOUR. WHAT MAKES LEARNERS CREATIVE?. PLAN OF ASSIGNMENT 4. Groupng learners accorging to their hobbies and talents Giving them a task to present Interviewing them about how they come uo with presentation Teacher’s view Saving assignment on opit and wikispace.

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assignment four
plan of assignment 4
  • Groupng learners accorging to their hobbies and talents
  • Giving them a task to present
  • Interviewing them about how they come uo with presentation
  • Teacher’s view
  • Saving assignment on opit and wikispace




  • Q. What makes you creative in your hobby?
  • A things that make us creative are appreciation from others, imitation of good people, insight, experiences challenging situations, self esteem...
  • Have you ever been not appreciated after being creative?
  • Yes actually it happens and you feel useless to the group. Example if people do not recognise your effort you fell discouraged

What is the importance of creativity in your life? It makes me feel good and loved as well as important to my community.

  • For example in songs I can sing the problems of the school community and they find solution or I sing problems in order to make them known.
  • You sang about the young people why?
  • We sang about young people because to day the life is in danger and we wanted to warn they to take care of their lives.

Drawing group

  • Explain what pushed you to be creative in this drawing.
  • Teacher, We like drawing and our life is okay when we get an opportunity to do it. Drawing is a part of our life such that we can not exist without it.
developing talents
Developing talents
  • Esther andNorbert point out the importance of singing talent
  • My talent make me live very well with others and make me feel loved and respected and realise how much I know.
  • It makes me to recognise how much I’m loved by my friendand make me feel human.

What makes you creative when you are playing?

I feel very well and I create a game in which everyone participates.

You presented a fun did you learn something from it?

Yes many things it helped me to develop my imagination and to make others laugh.

Thank you

Interview with students whose

Hobby is to play


Play hobby.

  • What makes you creative in playing
  • When I perform very well I receive

praises from my colleagues.

  • What did you learn from your


  • Cooperation because we had to thing together what we will perform and what will make all students happyfunny with me.

Creativity makes learners to cooperate and respect one other as well as caring for others

  • Develop friendship and other social values

Teacher’s Views

  • If learning does not take wholesale development learners will fail to link the knowledge acquired at school with everyday experiences. Creativity allows them to be innovative and they acquire interest in the learning process. This helps them to acquire multi intelligence and they develop their brain and different skills through hobbies interests and creativity.
  • Creativity is fundamental and vital for brain development and enhances wholesale personal development.
  • The method encouraging creativity in the learners is important and useful in education because learners acquire different life skills such as communication, decision making, caring fo others and developing self-esteem problem solving.
  • It makes learners to be interested in the lesson and subject because they find fun, interest and satisfaction to their needs while at the same time developing values such as tolerance, teamwork communication…

According to the Vision Magazines, vision 3, from the material you sent us contained in the file of ICT Learning, it is essential for the learners to generate new ideas and be experimental in the application of these new ideas. This implies to be innovative and take risks of failures. Failures are seen a positive in the course of learning and teaching process.

  • Through creativity learners get informed in informal way. Informal learning takes place and it is vital to the learners since they gained many things in for everyday conduct.
  • It is a good way for the young people since it provides enthusiasm in the learning process
  • Teachers should encourage innovation and make learners act out of themselves.
  • The school should incorporate and create more powerful and appropriate learning experiences.

The materilas you sent us I used ITC Learning File and opened Vision magasine and read vsion 3 where I found informal learning and creative learning. Other materials I found them useful and as a teachers They will help me to develop student’s wholly and their talents. I base on will base ontheir hobbies and teach them what interests them. Learning will be active and genuine.

  • Creativity shoul be encouraged because it helps learners to develop critical thinking through imagination.
creativity chain
Creativity Chain
  • Everyone is more creative when he or he receives praises from different people.
  • Challenging situation and the proper environment are necessary things for creativity of the learners. The following are barriers to creativity
  • Shyness of learners
  • Rigidity of teachers and school authority.
  • Low self esteem
  • Low interests in others
  • Complex