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Back to School

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  1. Back to School Ms. Damos Fifth Grade 2013-2014

  2. Contact Information • • 1561 Joiner Pkwy., Lincoln, CA 95648 • 916-434-5255 • Please feel free to email me anytime. This is the best way to reach me. I can also be reached at the school’s phone number above and will return your calls within 24 hours.

  3. Website • • I am also the site tech trainer for FRE.

  4. About Me • I grew up in Sonora, CA . • I have two children. Maddy is in 8th Grade, and Jesse is a Sophomore in high school. • I have a Masters in Education, a Supplemental Authorization in Technology and an Administrator Credential • I have been teaching for 9 years. Last year, I taught a 4/5 combo class. Before that, taught 6th and 7th grade math and science for 6 years, and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade technology for 2 years. • I am delighted to be teaching 5th grade at FRE! 

  5. Absent Procedures • Students have 24 hours after, for each day missed, to complete missed assignments. • When students return to school, they can write their missed assignments in their agenda and turn it in the following day. • As a courtesy, one of my students will collect assignments missed that day and put them into an absent folder. At the end of the day, we will call you to let you know your child’s work is in the office. If we do not call you, your work will still be in the office at 2:40.

  6. Attendance • Attendance is taken via the computer by 8:20. If you child comes on campus after 8:15, they must get a tardy slip and check in with the office. • If school lunch is needed, they must tell the attendance clerk.

  7. Accelerated Reader • Accelerated Reader is a program that helps students to monitor their success in reading. Students should take a quiz every time they finish a book. This will aid in their reading comprehension. Students can take quizzes on books that they read at school during AR time. • When goals are reached, we will have an AR party at the end of the trimester.

  8. Behavior Policy • Class & School Expectations • Be Respectful • Be Responsible • Be Safe • If students are not following the expectations, they will: • #1 – Warning • #2 – Refocus • #3 – RDR • #4 – Citation

  9. Field Trips • Fifth graders will be having one field trip this year. • Fifth Grade • Fort Bragg

  10. Grading & Report Card • There are two parts to the report card. • One side addresses whether or not California Learning Standards are being met in the core academic subjects based solely on assessment. • The other side would be considered your more traditional looking report card of letter grades which include tests, homework, and effort. These assignments will be graded by a point system.

  11. Grading Scale • 90-100% A 3 Proficient • 80-89% B 3 Proficient • 70-79% C 2 Approaching Grade level standards • 60-69% N 1 Does not meet Grade Level Standards • 59% and below N 1 Does not meet Grade Level Standards

  12. Social Studies • 5th Graders will be learning about first Americans, exploration, colonies, revolution, revolutionary war, the constitution, and our states and capitals. They will be required to know all states and capitols by the end of the year.

  13. Music • Music is taught by Mrs. Azar. • Her website and information can be found online.

  14. Homework • There will be homework every weekday except Friday. • To teach responsibility, fifth graders will write assignments in their agenda. Time will be given in class to start homework assignments; however, any unfinished assignment will need to be completed at home. • All students need to be spending time reading at night. When assigning AR goals, I included 30 minutes of reading at home. Please make sure your child is reading every night. • Progress reports are due, signed by the parent/guardian, on Monday morning. If I send you an electronic progress report, you do not need to sign it.

  15. Science • The science is taught by Mrs. Curry and Mrs. Bane. • The curriculum is Foss publishers. It has a wonderful hands on activities to engage your child. • You can find their contact information on our school website.

  16. Language Arts • Houghton Mifflin for 5th Grade • Our textbooks include exciting stories which we will work on a weekly/biweekly basis. • Spelling tests, vocabulary tests, and comprehension tests accompany each story. • For computer time, I will teach students how to use Google Docs so that they can save their papers online and access them at home.

  17. HSP Math • 5th graders will be learning about adding and subtracting decimals, exponents, square roots, fractions, percents, measurements, graphs, and geometry. • HSP Workbook- The reteach will be given as class work, and the practice page will be given as homework each night. Students will also use the textbook for homework. • Math tests and quizzes will be given out as summative and formative assessments. If students do not score above a 70%, they will be allowed to complete a test redo.

  18. Physical Education • Students will have P.E. twice a week on Wednesday and Thursdays. • Students need to have running shoes on those two days. If students do not have the proper shoes, they will not be allowed to participate and they will receive a zero for the day. • The fifth graders will be required to have a state physical fitness test at the end of they year. Requirements include running a mile under a given time, push-ups, sit-reaches, and a variety of flexibility tests.

  19. Conferences/ Report Cards • Report cards are issued mid-November, beginning of March, and the last day of school. • Conferences will be held in November. If your son or daughter is passing all subjects, conferences will not be mandatory. If your son or daughter is not passing, then I will let you know that I need to have a mandatory conference. • I am happy to meet with you anytime throughout the school year. Please contact me to set up an appointment. • In addition, I also send home weekly progress reports. This will need to be signed by you and returned to school on Monday.

  20. Volunteers • Parents are encouraged to volunteer. There are a variety of ways to get involved in the classroom and the school. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out a volunteer packet. Volunteer packets are located in the office. • To volunteer, you need to have a TB test on file with the office. To go on fieldtrips and the bus, you must also have livescan fingerprints on file with the office. The TB test is good for 4 years, and the livescan is good as long as your child is at this school. It is a good idea to get them done. Thank you!

  21. Spelling • Pretest on MondayIf your son or daughter gets 100%, then they do notneed to take the final test on Friday. • 20 words per week and 5 Challenge Words • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, students will have spelling homework. • Final Test on Friday

  22. Library • Tuesday is our library day. • Your child may check out one book at a time. • He/she must bring back his/her library book every Tuesday and either return or renew them. • If your student finishes the book before then, he/she can return it at any time.

  23. Book Orders • Once a month book orders will come home. • If you order online, the class will receive a free book. You are able to create your own log-in and password this year using our class activation code ( - L7L6C). • If you turn your order into me, please make your check out to scholastic. • It usually takes two weeks to deliver from the day the order is submitted. • I recommend purchasing a Scholastic Dictionary which can be found in this month’s Lucky book order.

  24. Birthdays • You are welcome to send in a treat for your child’s birthday. • There are currently 26 students in the class. • If your child’s birthday falls on a break, they can celebrate it when they return to school. We will celebrate all summer birthday’s during the last week of school.

  25. Spirit Days • Spirit Days are every Friday. To show our spirit we wear burgundy and grey. School t-shirts are the easiest way to do this. • There will also be special themed days throughout the school year.

  26. Tentative Daily Schedule

  27. Wish List We sincerely appreciate any donations. If you have items around the house that are not being used, or have too many of, we would love to have them. Such as:v Reams of printer/copy paper (Lots Please)v Color Paper and Lined Paperv Prizes for the Rafflev Kleenexv Watercolors v Disinfecting wipesv Books

  28. Thank you for coming! I look forward to a great year full of fun and learning.