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BÜŞRA İĞDE. What do we mean by a teaching approach ? What learning theories could guide my teaching practice ? How can I apply principles of good practice to my own teaching? . Teaching : a process of imparting knowledge and skills from a teacher to a learner.

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B ra de

B ra de

  • Teaching: a process of imparting knowledge and skills from a teacher to a learner.

  • Approach: the attitude towards an event, point of view,and perspective.

  • Teaching approach: teachers attitude behavior and applied methods towards a learner.

B ra de

Typically you might describe:

  • The sorts of teaching and learning activities that you have planned

  • The ways in which you support your students

  • Ways in which you try to engage students with the subject matter

A description of your approach to teaching includes
A description of your approach to teaching includes:

  • The mode or manner of teaching

  • learning theory

  • how to facilitate learning

B ra de

  • Encourages contacts between students and faculty.

  • Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students.

  • Uses active learning techniques.

  • Gives prompt feedback.

  • Emphasises time on task.

  • Communicates high expectations

  • Respects diverse talents and ways of learning.

B ra de

B ra de

I f you would like to summerise this presentation which word would you use
I like to use?f you would like to summerise this presentation, which word would you use?

B ra de

For your attention like to use?