intramural sports basketball captain s meeting n.
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Intramural Sports Basketball Captain’s Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Intramural Sports Basketball Captain’s Meeting

Intramural Sports Basketball Captain’s Meeting

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Intramural Sports Basketball Captain’s Meeting

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  1. Intramural SportsBasketballCaptain’s Meeting Wingate University Jan. 21, 2014

  2. Social Media • Follow @WUCampusRec on Twitter • Friend Wingate University Campus Rec on Facebook • Captain’s Meetings • Start dates for all sports • Playoff Updates • Weather Reports

  3. Insurance • We do not provide health insurance • You are highly encouraged to purchase your own policy • Student Health Center

  4. IM Policies • Must bring WU Student ID to all IM events!!!! • For basketball, if you have your own uniforms/shirts, they have to be numbered 0-99

  5. Captain’s Responsibilities • Proper sign-in with intramural official • 10-15minutes before game time • WU ID card: must have decal, photo, name and WUID visible • ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!! • Assist intramural staff with potential situations • Check League Schedule on • Have all teammates join your team roster online

  6. Eligibility • All officially enrolled students, faculty and staff, are eligible to participate • Players may participate on ONE co-ed team while participating on ONE men’s or women’s team (Fraternity/Sorority teams are considered a men’s/women’s team) • No Olympic or former professional athletes that have competed in their respect sport within the past 5 years • Any student whose name appears on an official WU intercollegiate varsity squad list shall be ineligible to compete in that sport, or associated sports, for a period of one year from the conclusion of that particular sport season. • 2012-2013 – ineligible • 2011-2012, 2010-2011, 2009-2011 – max of 2 on roster

  7. Season • 4 week regular season • First Week of Games – Jan. 26 • Last regular season games Thursday Feb. 20 • All games will be played in Sander Sikes Gym • Games 7-11pm

  8. Proper Attire • No jewelry • No hard casts • Knee braces are permitted with approved protective covers • Proper shoes are required • Only sneakers • Athletic Attire Required(no khaki shorts/jeans) • Supervisors will have final say

  9. Jerseys • Everyone on the team must wear the same color uniform • Each teammate must wear a different numbered jersey • Numbers greater than 2-digits are not allowed • No ½ numbers either • Numbers must be written or painted – no tape please

  10. Protests • Only protests based on questions of player eligibility and rule interpretation will be accepted • No protests on judgment calls • Must be done at the time of incident

  11. Officials • Remember they are students too – they don’t deserve to be abused! • Can’t argue judgment calls • Respect the officials. Without them, we wouldn’t be playing. • Interested in officiating? Stay right after this meeting

  12. Ejections • Ejections may occur before, during or after any contest • Ejections may be made by any Intramural staff member • Any ejected player must leave the playing area and facility immediately • It is YOUR responsibility to assist the Intramural staff in retrieving the ejected player’s identification • All ejected players must schedule an appointment to meet with Stephen Crespi before they can participate in ANY future intramural contests; suspensions will prohibit you from participating in all intramurals until reinstatement.

  13. Forfeits and Defaults • Forfeits • GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME • If a team forfeits 2 games, they will be dropped from the league and disqualified from playoffs • If a team forfeits their first game of the season, they will be dropped from the league unless they come and talk to the IM GA • Serves as a loss on the record • Will not be given conduct • Winning team will receive a 5 • Defaults • Email 24 hours before your scheduled contest • Will not affect your conduct rating • Will not be dropped from the league

  14. Sportsmanship • Sportsmanship points are based on your team’s conduct during each contest • 1-5 Rating system per game • Teams must have an average of 3 points to be eligible for playoffs • Ejections are maximum of a 1

  15. Playoffs • All teams receiving an average of 3 sportsmanship points, no more than 1 forfeit, and no more than two defaults are eligible for playoffs • If a team drops below a 3 during the playoffs then they will be eliminated from the tournament • NO players can be added to a roster once the playoffs begin!!!! • Playoffs begin Sunday Feb. 23 • Championships Scheduled for March 5 in Cuddy Arena

  16. Basketball Rules •, under rules & manuals tab • National Federation High School Rules Book (NFHS) will govern all play not covered in Intramural rules • Supervisors will have final say on rule/judgment clarifications while on the court

  17. Players and Attire • Teams consist of 5 players • Must have a minimum of 3 players to start and on the court to play • No Jewelry

  18. Basketball Rules • Game, Court, Equipment: • Only players and 1 coach may be on the bench • Other fans must be in the viewing area designated by the IM staff • Any player, coach, or fan that interferes with the play of the game will be given a technical foul and/or removed from campus recreation

  19. The Game • The Game • Two 20 minute halves • Running clock during first 18 minutes of each half • Clock will stop last 2 minutes of each half on every whistle • 2 timeouts each half • Do not carry over • 30 seconds each • Can only be taken when you are in possession of the ball or during a dead ball • 3 minute halftime • 3 minute overtime (1 OT for regular season games) • 1 timeout per OT period • Timeouts do not carry over from regulation • Clock stops last 2 minutes • 30 point mercy rule starting at halftime

  20. Basketball Rules • Substitutions • May only be made during a dead ball • Players must “check in”

  21. Basketball Rules • Free Throw Line • The lower boxes on each side will be vacant

  22. Basketball Rules • CoRec • 5 players to play the game (3 to begin) • +1 Rule (3/2 or 2/3 on court at all times) • Substitutions • M/F ratio may change, males are not required to sub for males, females not required to sub for males

  23. Basketball Rules • Co-Rec • Everyone is allowed in the paint • Males can not block a females shot attempt • Males going “straight up” without jumping will not be called for goaltending • Violation – goaltending, 3 or 4 points awarded • When a female scores she will receive an extra point • When a 2 point basket is scored the team receives 3 points. When a 3 point basket is scored the team receives 4 points • If a female is fouled on a 2 point attempt then she will receive 3 free throws • If a female is fouled on a 3 point attempt then she will receive 4 free throws

  24. Extra Game Opportunities • Interested in Extra Games?