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Lillehammer – Bujanovac cooperation project

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Lillehammer – Bujanovac cooperation project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lillehammer – Bujanovac cooperation project. Lillehammer – Bujanovac cooperation project. 2005- project : Lillehammer contracted by IMG Interviews with municipal officials and business representatives Seminars in Lillehammer Report with recomendations presented i June.

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Presentation Transcript
Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

2005- project:

Lillehammer contracted by IMG Interviews with municipal officials and business representatives

Seminars in Lillehammer

Report with recomendations presented i June

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project



Final report

in accordance with Plan of Action.

Containing also Lillehammer Municipalities



Bujanovac and Presevo Municipalities

Presented in

Bujanovac and Presevo on the 28th and 29th of June 2005.

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project


Municipal organizational development

  • Political level
  • Administrative level

Municipal development in relation to residents

Business development

  • Business centre to promote entrepreneurship
  • Strategic plan for local economic development

Inter municipal cooperation

Infrastructure projects

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (NMFA):

  • contracted Lillehammer Municipality for further cooperation project in Bujanovac
  • NMFA finances Lillehammer costs
  • project periode 3 years: 2006 – 2008
  • Presevo: later, ref. political situation and to gain experiences
Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

NMFA`s expectations and priorities:

  • very exciting and encouraging project
  • pilot project = this kind of municipal cooperation project has not been done before
  • results and experiences important and hopefully transferable to other municipalities
  • priority topics for 1. year: - business development- democracy strengthening- City Manager position- Citicens Service centre - management training
Bujanovacs reply to recommendations: Areas of further cooperation;

-Making of strategic plan of development-Implementation the recommendation that improve work of municipal management-Establishment of business centre-Recommendations concerning agriculture issues-Recommendations concerning Corridor 10 and its opportunities-Building of car parks and their management-Development of local radio station-Cooperation between municipalities-Creation of programs for mutual managerial development and programs for all employees in the municipality-Establishment of Centre for specialist expertise-Building of joint infrastructure facilities: sites for waste disposal

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Project participants from Lillehammer:

Declaration of cooperation to be signed on the 11th og May

Mr. Annar Skrefsrud – Chief Executive Officer of Lillehammer Municipality is the overall Project Manager

Mr. Bjørn Lie will be partly based in Bujanovac from medio May

Mr. Grim Syverud will be full time project coordinator based in Lillehammer

Local politicans and administrative personell from Lillehammer will take part

We expect Bujanovac to take part in both planning and ackomplisment of the project

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Declaration of Project Cooperation

Lillehammer Municipality, Norway and Bujanovac Municipality, Serbia on this day signs an agreement stating both municipality’s mutual responsibility for the accomplishment of the 3 years project “Lillehammer – Bujanovac Municipal Cooperation Project” on development and strengthening of the municipal organization and structure of Bujanovac.

All Lillehammer Municipality's costs related to the project management and work must be fully financed by grants from The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the whole project period.

Lillehammer and Bujanovac Municipalities agrees that the overall objective of the project is to contribute to the further strengthening and development of Bujanovac Municipality, esp. within the following:

To identify and accomplish specific projects and measures to increase the municipalities’ own awareness of their role in this effort, and what is required in relation to their own expertise and organisation.

  • To increase the understanding of local democratisation processes.
  • To increase the municipalities’ network of contacts among residents.
  • To increase the efficiency of existing services.
  • To create a more dynamic and professional organisation.

Lillehammer Municipality’s objective with its involvement is to support this process as a consultancy and cooperative partner for Bujanovac Municipality.

Bujanovac Municipality fully agrees to participate both in planning and accomplishing of the project.

Booth municipalities hereby declares a joint willingness and responsibility to participate in the project.

Bujanovac, 11th May 2006

Synnøve Brenden Klemetrud Nagip Arifi

Mayor of Lillehammer Mayor of Bujanovac

Håkon Blankenborg

Norwegian Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

Cooperation project

Project organization

Project Board

Project Resources

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Lets get to work !

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Priority topics for 1. year:

- business development area- democracy strengthening- City Manager position- further development of Citicens Service centre - management and staff training

Lillehammer – Bujanovac

cooperation project

Cooperation guidelines:

  • How to cooperate on day to day basis ?
  • Method of cooperation: show each other our normal procedures on the issue
  • key staff / expertise to key staff / expertise
  • What other partners, esp. NGOs ?