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Macbeth. Portrait of a Psychopath?. What is a “psychopath”?. A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. . Impulsiveness or restlessness?. Impulsiveness or restlessness. Impulsiveness or restlessness.

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Portrait of a Psychopath?

what is a psychopath
What is a “psychopath”?
  • A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
impulsiveness or restlessness2
Impulsiveness or restlessness
  • He was moved quickly to action by the witches, and later, his wife
  • He remained restless throughout the play
persistent agitated or depressed feeling2
Persistent agitated or depressed feeling
  • Always hallucinating, feeling unsettled and down
inability to form long lasting friendships2
Inability to form long-lasting friendships
  • He adored King Duncan, yet killed him
  • He was a close friend of Banquo, yet had him killed
persistent lying or stealing2
Persistent lying or stealing
  • Starting with Duncan’s murder…
extreme sense of entitlement3
Extreme sense of entitlement
  • Macbeth felt that he deserved his post after all that he had done to take it
aggressive or violent behaviour2
Aggressive or violent behaviour
  • Cold-blooded murder of a man that he adored, King Duncan, in his own home
  • Hunted down all of those who could challenge him, including Banquo, Fleance, and MacDuff
  • Prepared to kill all who stood in his way of remaining king
lack of remorse from hurting others2
Lack of remorse from hurting others
  • Killed all those who mattered to his enemies, such as MacDuff’s family