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Writer’s Warm-up

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Writer’s Warm-up. Ms. Mo LCI. “ Tensioned”Thesis.

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tensioned thesis
  • Seldom is anything in life black or white. As one reads more sophisticated texts and grows in an ability to see issues and situations from multiple perspectives, one realizes that there is often some healthy “tension” between different viewpoints.
  • Creating a “tensioned” thesis reflects a writer who is thoughtful, open-minded, and aware of multiple perspectives, complexities, and nuances.
tensioned thesis1

Your claim


(opposing viewpoint)


(what you agree with or acknowledge)

tensioned thesis2
“Tensioned” Thesis
  • Remember that a claim  an opinion that requires support/evidence
  • Here are two possible templates to help you begin writing tensioned thesis:
    • “While (what you can acknowledge/agree with), however, (your claim).”
    • “Although (opposing viewpoint), (in reality/actuality), (your claim).”
sample tensioned thesis
Sample tensioned thesis
  • On Twilight:
    • Although Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight is a wide-selling novel, it is a simplistic love-story that exhibits a cliché plot.
  • On giraffes:
    • Although giraffes are safer in cages at the zoo, they are not experiencing the true “wild” and therefore should be allowed to roam in open-air plazas in NY.
  • On social networking:
    • While many view social networking sites such as Facebook as fun, harmless sites, in reality, they hold many dangers to our youth.