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Transitioning to Independence

Transitioning to Independence. Jana Pearce Section Chief, Office of Families and Children | ODJFS Nashawn Lariviere Foster Youth Advocate, OFC | ODJFS. Purpose. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.

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Transitioning to Independence

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  1. Transitioning to Independence Jana PearceSection Chief, Office of Families and Children | ODJFS Nashawn Lariviere Foster Youth Advocate, OFC | ODJFS

  2. Purpose This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND • Understand the challenges faced by young adults emancipating from foster care • Identify programs to help emancipated young adults • Learn how you can help a young adult emancipating from foster care.

  3. Our population • Concurrently championing traumas & vulnerabilities • Difficulty maintaining steady healthy long-term Relationship/Friendships/Mentorships • An unintentional outcome of being in our care and placement is the lack of ability and knowledge of handling tasks unassisted • Many struggle with either educational attainment or maintaining gainful employment

  4. Programs that help young adults This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND Emancipating from Foster care

  5. Bridges vs PCSA Post-Emancipation

  6. Young Adult Services (YAS) Also referred to as Post Emancipation Services • These services and supports are to complement the young adult's own efforts to achieve self- sufficiency. – Ohio Administrative Code 5101:2-42-19.2 • All young adults who have left the care and placement of a PCSA after the age of 18 are able to receive/access an array of services from the county Children Services where they reside.

  7. YAS Supportive Services These are the 11 Independent Living Skills that are offered when young adults are in custody as well as young adult services.

  8. Young Adult Services (YAS) Young adults may obtain these services by contacting their local PCSA and voicing they would like to receive these Post Emancipation services. • We can provide support for our young adults to advocate for themselves in initiating these services.

  9. Bridges • Bridges is a voluntary program designed to provide housing and case management supports to young adults that have emancipated from the custody of a PCSA. • Bridges can assist with stable housing and offer support in working towards educational, employment and other personal independence goals. • Bridges is separate from the PCSAs current Post-Emancipation Supports.

  10. Bridges Eligibility Young adults must have emancipated from the custody of a PCSA at the age of 18, 19, or 20 years old, and meet at least one of the 5 eligibility;

  11. Bridges Eligibility Criteria & Activities • Completing a secondary education or a program leading to an equivalent credential; • Enrollment in school to receive high school diploma • Enrollment in GED program • Enrolled in an institution that provides post- secondary or vocational education; • Public or Private 4 year college or university • Community College • Vocational Programs • Technical Schools

  12. Bridges Eligibility Criteria & Activities • Participating in a program or activity designed to promote, or remove barriers to, employment; • CCMEP • Job Corps • Job skills training • Employed for at least eighty hours per month; • Regular Employment • AmeriCorps • Internship/Externship • Incapable of doing any of the above activities due to a medical condition, which incapacity is supported by regularly updated information from a qualified practitioner.

  13. Bridges Supportive Services • Monthly visits • Positive young adult development • Young adult driven plan • Critical thinking skills • Home management and life skills • Education • Financial management • Self-advocacy • Health and self-care • Permanent connections • Community resources • Employment & career preparation

  14. Outcomes

  15. Applying for Bridges • You as an adult supporter and/or your young adult can apply via the Bridges website Bridgestosuccess.jfs.ohio.gov • If young adult is still in custody of PCSA they may request a warm handoff to Bridges once they are close to their emancipation date/ 18th birthday.

  16. Additional Resources • The Ohio Education & Training Voucher (ETV)https://www.fc3sprograms.orf/ohio/ • Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program (CCMEP) jfs.ohio.gov/owd/CCMEP/index.stm

  17. Contact Us This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA Jana Pearce; Jana.Pearce@jfs.ohio.gov Nashawn Lariviere; Nashawn.Lariviere@jfs.ohio.gov

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