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2013 Fall Forum. State Assessment Update November 5, 2013 Linda Howley - OSA Joanne Winkelman - OSE. Agenda. IEP Form and assessment pages Update on state assessments Medical exemptions from state assessments. Assessment Pages on the Current Model IEP Form.

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2013 fall forum

2013Fall Forum

State Assessment Update

November 5, 2013

Linda Howley - OSA

Joanne Winkelman - OSE


  • IEP Form and assessment pages

  • Update on state assessments

  • Medical exemptions from state assessments

Assessment pages on the current model iep form
Assessment Pages on the Current Model IEP Form

  • Currently, the state model IEP form contains five pages dedicated to statewide and district-wide assessments. The Michigan Department of Education is in the process of instituting multiple changes to all state-wide assessments which will result in changes to the current assessment pages in the state model IEP form.

  • Instead of five pages listing all of the assessment choices, the Office of Special Education will replace those pages with the following IEP requirements:

Replacement language
Replacement Language

  • The IEP must address the assessmentaccommodations that are necessary to measure the academic achievement and functional performance of the student on state and district-wide assessments, and

  • If the IEP Team determines that the student must take an alternate assessment instead of a particular regular state or district-wide assessment of student achievement,

    • A statement of why the student cannot participate in the regular assessment and

    • List the particular alternate assessment selected for the student.

For example
For example . . .

If the IEP Team determines the student will take the general education assessment,

  • It is not necessary to state the name of the general assessment in the IEP, although it’s fine to do so. However,

  • The accommodationsmust be specified in the IEP, by content area.

For example1
For example . . .

If the IEP Team determines the student will take an alternate assessment, the IEP must include:

  • A statement of why the student cannot participate in the general education assessment and

  • The name of the alternate assessment(s) selected for the student and

  • The specific assessmentaccommodations required by the student.


  • To assist IEP Teams in making decisions regarding statewide and district-wide assessments, the Office of Special Education, in collaboration with the Office of Standards and Assessment, will create documents, such as decision trees and charts of all the assessment options that can be used to determine assessments and appropriate accommodations for a particular student.

Social studies in fall 2013
Social Studies in Fall 2013

  • LEAs are responsible for testing all students in Social Studies

  • Procedures for Social Studies will be the same as in 2012-2013:

    • IEP Team determined the most appropriate assessment (MEAP or district-determined assessment)

    • If district-determined assessment given in place of MEAP Social Studies, LEAs must report both participation and proficiency in the BAA secure site through the “Accountable Students & Test Verification” tab

New functional independence social studies assessment
New Functional Independence Social Studies Assessment

Features of FI Social Studies:

  • Based on new EGLCEs (Grades 5 and 8) and new EHSCEs (Grade 11)

  • Will be an online assessment

    • Paper/Pencil option will be available when operational for LEAs that are still building online infrastructure and for student accessibility

  • Goal: operational in Spring 2015

  • Test Design: independent (stand alone items) and passages with items

  • FI Social Studies Pilot for grades 5, 8, and 11 happening in Spring 2014: we need your help!

What new eglces ehsces how did they come about
What new EGLCEs/EHSCEs? How did they come about?

  • Michigan educators (FI teachers and content experts) wrote the first draft of EGLCEs and EHSCEs for Social Studies

  • January-February 2013: Committees reviewed EGLCEs/EHSCEs

  • March 2013: EGLCE/EHSCE drafts posted for stakeholder review

  • April 2013: finalized and rolled out EGLCEs/EHSCEs

  • May 2013: Michigan teachers began writing MI-Access Functional Independence SS items

  • August 2013: Initial items reviewed by committees of Michigan educators

  • 2013-14 School year: FI students instructed in new EGLCEs and EHSCEs

What about participation and supported independence social studies
What about Participation and Supported Independence Social Studies?

  • The Department plans to develop model assessments that districts can use when developing their own Participation and Supported Independence social studies assessments.

English learner el assessment update
English Learner (EL) Assessment Update Studies?

  • 2013/14 School Year:

    • Michigan ELPA  World-Class Instructional Design & Assessment Consortium (WIDA)

    • WIDA – summative, still given in spring (Gr. K – 12)

    • Based on WIDA English Language Development Standards

    • Paper/Pencil now, will be online 2015

    • Alternate Access – for the 1% population (Gr. 1 – 12)

    • W-APT: WIDA ACCESS Placement Test – screener

Standards adoption process
Standards Adoption Process Studies?

  • In November 2011, MDE sought input from the EL Advisory Committee;

  • Committee represents Intermediate School Districts, Local Educational Agencies, Public School Academies, Universities, and Community Organizations;

  • Members unanimously recommended the adoption of WIDA ELD standards.

Participation criteria for alternate access wida alternate
Participation Criteria for Alternate Access (WIDA alternate) Studies?

  • IEP Team decides whether students who are classified as English Learners with significant cognitive disabilities participate in the Alternate ACCESS for ELs

  • All of the following participation criteria must be met to administer the Alternate ACCESS for EL students:

    • The student is classified as an English Learner

    • The student has a significant cognitive disability and receives special education services under IDEA

    • The student’s IEP Team determined the student will not participate in the general education curriculum

    • The student is, or will be, participating in the state’s 1% alternate assessment (MI-Access)

Medical exemptions from testing
Medical Exemptions from Testing Studies?

  • All medical exemptions are reviewed by the Accountability Unit in consult with the Assessment Consultant for Students with Disabilities

  • Students must have documented medical condition preventing their meaningful participation in state assessment (such as medically fragile or intensive care in hospital)

  • In some cases, the state has to request additional documentation for exemption

Resources Studies?

  • www.michigan.gov/ose

  • www.michigan.gov/mi-access

  • www.michigan.gov/baa

  • www.michigan.gov/elpa (redirects to WIDA)

Contact Studies?