what you need to know for tomorrow n.
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What You Need to Know for Tomorrow PowerPoint Presentation
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What You Need to Know for Tomorrow

What You Need to Know for Tomorrow

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What You Need to Know for Tomorrow

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  1. What You Need to Know for Tomorrow

  2. Time • Bus leaves at 6:15 am. • Meet at the front door • Do not be late we cannot wait for you

  3. Weather • Make sure you dress for the weather • There is a chance of rain tomorrow. • You will have to walk outside to get in between your events – bring a rain coat or umbrella • Outdoor events will still run in the rain • People in outdoor events will need long pants and long sleeves as well as running shoes (no sandals or open shoes) – umbrellas will not help when you are outside that long • Have a change of socks and shoes

  4. Cell Phones • Cell phones cannot be used in the events (especially the scavenger hunt). If you are seen with a cell phone during an event, you will be disqualified. • Remember data and cell phone calls will be long distance. Unless you have a long distance plan it will cost $$

  5. Photos • They may be taking photos of the events. It may be used on promotional material for the Science Olympics or department/program in Guelph. • If you do not want your photo taken, you must let the person with the camera know (they will be wearing UoGuelph shirts)

  6. Materials to Bring • Cash if you want to buy lunch (they do not take debit or credit) • Pens/pencils • Highlighter • Calculator (cell phones do not count)

  7. Check in Times • You must check in with either Ms Assie or Ms Englehart in the food court of the university centre at your assigned times. • All students must be in the food court before 2:45 (or we will not get a seat at the awards ceremony)

  8. Scavenger Hunt • One person will be designated as team contact. You are responsible for making sure the answer sheet is handed in before 2pm. No lates will be accepted – so be early • All students participating must sign the sheet.

  9. Human Anatomy Participants • You must hand in the photo release form at the event or you may not be allowed to participate.

  10. Arriving home • We will arrive home by 6:00 pm (barring traffic)

  11. Before you Go • Designate one person as the contact person • We need the cell phone # of one student in case of emergency • The number you will see if we do contact you will start with 289