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By Joseph and Joshua

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By Joseph and Joshua

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By Joseph and Joshua

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  1. Maronite Catholic Church By Joseph and Joshua

  2. About Our Faith Monsignor Joseph Takchi, the leader of all priests in our community. We are an eastern catholic community from Lebanon our community started when a man named Maron wanted to start a Christian community. Originally Lebanon believed in great gods, they believed that there was a lot of gods. Maron didn’t believe in that he believed there was only one god and gathered people to start another faith a Christian Catholic faith. They started a small community but over the years it grew and grew and Maron got more people to believe in one god. After a few years past maron took his parish high up in the mountains and made his own church. He started to teach people about God and how you go to church every Sunday to repay him for all the things he did for us. The whole community started to name themselves Maronites after there teacher Maron. Head Of The Maronite Church Patriarch Bechara Rai

  3. Picture of our Church In Melbourne

  4. The 4 Questions

  5. Where did this rite originate? • The Maronites began in Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Syria in the near east. The Maronites main language is Aramaic the same language Jesus spoke in the holy family of Nazareth. Aramaic is still used in hymns and parts of the mass especially at the consecration. Out of all the eastern rite churches, the Maronite church is the only eastern rite church known by the name of a person - St Maroun.

  6. What are some important features of this rite? • Our lent goes for longer then the roman catholic church, our lent goes for 50 days instead of 40 (47) . • Our baptism and confirmation are together. • Some of our masses are in Arabic. • For the Eucharistic moment of the mass the priest says it in Aramaic and for the opening the say god be with us in Aramaic. • We have a Patriarch his name is Bechara Rai. • We also follow the pope Francis the first.

  7. How is this rite similar to the (roman catholic) rite? • Our Beliefs are the same. • The 7 Sacraments are the same but for the Maronites Baptism and Confirmation are received together. • The Maronite liturgy has similarities with the Roman Catholic but for the Maronites some prays are in Arabic with some Aramaic and Greek. • The Maronites like the roman catholic’s are united with the Pope. • The Maronite church is the only eastern rite church that has continued to follow the Pope.

  8. What symbols are used by this rite?

  9. What we do Differently to the Roman Catholic Church The difference between Maronite Catholic and Roman Catholic is practically the same, however our masses are in Lebanese, we have more props like incense is used for the gospel and the opening of the mass For the gospel the alter servers will stand next to the priest and when the priest says the gospel children will go up next to the priest and after the gospel the priest blesses the kids by placing the bible on there head. Some wording of the creed is different. Some of our prays are in arabic.

  10. Lebanese Saints Saint Hardini Saint Charbel Saint Maroun Saint Rafqa

  11. St Maroun’s Story • Saint Maroun is the main Lebanese saint he was the one who stated the Maronite catholic community. The Maronites were once like Greek othordocks we believed that there were lots of gods but saint Maroun didn’t he believed there was one God who created the universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th. So he started a new catholic rite called Maronite catholic, it started off small but then the community grow.

  12. St Maroun St Maroun was born in Cyrhus, a small town near Antioch his birth date is unknown. St Maroun died 410.

  13. The End Hope You Enjoyed Our Presentation