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Adding a New Listing. Web Site Basics Training. Click On The “Property” Tab. Click on “Add New Property”. “Location” Tab. DO NOT use “all CAPS” Take care to spell the “City” correctly or people searching will not find your listing. Fields noted with a * are “ Required Fields ”.

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Adding a new listing

Adding a New Listing

Web Site Basics Training

Location tab
“Location” Tab

  • DO NOT use “all CAPS”

  • Take care to spell the “City” correctly or people searching will not find your listing.

  • Fields noted with a * are “Required Fields”.

    • ORION will not allow you to “Save” the property unless ALL Required Fields are filled in.

  • “Description of Location” should NOT be used to “sell” the property.

    • Please use this field to tell the viewer where the property is located. (i.e. “The subject property is located at the NW corner of Rowan Rd. & Sharpsburg Blvd., approx. 1 mile N of SR 54 in New Port Richey, FL)

  • Be sure to click on “Click here to map the address”.

    • Failing to do so will result in your property appearing in the middle of the US.

    • If the location isn’t correct, zoom in on the map, click on “Satellite” and drag the locator pin to your exact property.

Details tab
“Details” Tab

  • DO NOT use “all CAPS”

  • Property Name should NOT, include:

    • Address

    • # of Acres

    • “For Sale” or “For Lease”

    • Be creative and come up with a name that helps market and uniquely identify your listing.

  • Property Description should be a short, “Executive Summary” of the offering.

  • No one but you can see the “Listing” & “Expiration Dates”

  • Featured Property is for the use of your Management Team only. Please DO NOT check this box.

  • Property Status – Be certain this box is checked if you’re entering an active listing.

  • Hide on Public Site – Check this box if you DO NOT want your property to be seen by the public.

  • CIE Export (Tier II Companies Only) – Check this box if you want to send your listing information out to 3rd party CIE’s such as: ePropertyData, CommercialSearch, RealUp,, Rofo, Xceligent, CoStar, PropertyLine, etc.

Agents tab
Agents” Tab

  • The default “Listing Agent” will be you.

    • If you are entering a listing for another person, pick their name from the dropdown menu in the “Listing Agent” field.

    • The person whose name appears here will be the one whose picture, etc. will appear in the “Public View” flyer for this listing.

  • If this property is “Co-Listed” with another agent:

    • Highlight their name(s) in the left hand column of the “Available Users” area and then click on the “right arrow” to add them to the “Associated with this Listing” field.

    • Names & Phone #’s of these agents will appear on the Pubic View flyer as well.

Highlights tab
Highlights” Tab

  • Highlights 1-5 should be unique Features/Benefits of the offering

  • Do NOT Use All Caps

  • External Web Links 1-3 are for web sites that relate to the property or otherwise provide additional information to the prospect such as:

    • Stand alone web site for the asset

    • DOT web site for impending road construction

    • Link to news items about the property/area/market

  • URL’s for External Web Links should be entered as: http://www...

Pricing tab for sale
“Pricing” Tab (For Sale)

  • Price: Enter the Gross Listing/Offering price for the property

    • Properties located in the USA will be shown in $’s

    • Properties located in Canada will be shown in CAD $’s

  • Sale Status: Initially, insure that the “Available” option appears in the dropdown before you save the new listing.

    • If you are entering an older property that has already “Closed”, save it in the “Available” status first, then go in and change the status to Pending or Closed” (more on that later).

  • Save your new Listing

Adding photos
Adding Photos

  • Click on the “Photos” Tab in the finished property page.

Adding photos1
Adding Photos

  • Pay close attention to the 4:3 ‘Aspect Ratio’ when uploading photos to insure that they will format well.

  • “Browse” your hard drive to the file you want to upload.

  • Double click on it to add it to your new property listing.

    • The “Current Thumbnail” (the photo which will show up as the main image on your flyer) is indicated in red.

  • You can add up to nine (9) photos of your property.

Adding documents
Adding Documents

  • You can attach any MS Word, Excel or .pdf document to your listing such as:

    • Offering Memorandum

    • Confidentiality Agreement

    • Lease Form

    • Demographic info.

    • Floor Plans

  • These documents will be available to anyone who views the “Public View” page of your listing.

  • Click on the “Documents” Tab in the finished property page.

Adding documents1
Adding Documents

  • Give your Document a name.

  • Enter a short description of the document, if you wish.

  • “Browse” your hard drive for the file you want to attach to this listing.

  • Double click on it to load it into ORION

  • File Names can be edited and Documents can be removed from your listing by using the Blue “Edit” and “Delete” buttons

Pricing tab for lease
“Pricing” Tab (For Lease)

Select “For Lease” from the dropdown menu in order to reveal the “For Lease” pricing fields.

Pricing tab for lease1
“Pricing” Tab (For Lease)

  • Tenancy: Select the appropriate Tenancy from the dropdown

  • Enter data in to the “Required Fields”.

  • $ signs and commas are not necessary. ORION will format your pricing.

  • You will need to enter decimal points where dollars and cents are indicated (i.e. 18.75)

Pricing tab pending
“Pricing” Tab (Pending)

  • Once an entered property is Under Contract”, you should change the Sale Status to “Pending”.

    • Select “Pending” from the dropdown to reveal additional fields

Pricing tab pending1
“Pricing” Tab (Pending)

  • Changing the Sale Status DOES NOT change anything about how other agents will find or see your listing.

  • Changing a listing to “Pending” allows ORION to display the deal in the “Closed & Pending” Graph on your ORION Dashboard.

    • This graph is valuable to you in having a clear picture of your past and future income potential.

  • Enter as much information here as possible. No other agent will see this information - ever.

  • Be sure to “Save” your work.

Pricing tab closed
“Pricing” Tab (Closed)

  • Once an entered property which was “Pending” has “Closed”, change the “Sale Status” to “Closed” by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

Pricing tab closed1
“Pricing” Tab (Closed)

  • Enter as much detail about this sale as you can.

    • Data fields with a red asterisk are required.

    • This will enable you to begin to build a valuable “Comparable Sales” database within ORION that you can search for, print reports and use in the future.

    • Other agents will not be able to see confidential information about this sale and will need to call you for details.

Pricing tab leased
“Pricing” Tab (Leased)

  • Once an entered property has been Leased (a formal lease agreement has been fully executed by both parties), you should change the Lease Status to “Leased”.

    • Select “Leased” from the dropdown to reveal additional fields

Pricing tab leased1
“Pricing” Tab (Leased)

  • Enter as much detail here as you can.

  • Data Fields with a red asterisk are required.

  • This information will feed into your “Closed & Pending” Graph.

  • No other agent will see any of this information.

  • Be sure to “Save” your work.

Public view of your new listing
Public View of Your New Listing

  • To view how others will see your new listing, click on “View Public Listing”

Public view
“Public” View

  • You can e-mail your new listing to anyone,

  • Load your new listing into Social Media such as:

    • LinkedIn,

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

  • by clicking on the links.

Printable flyer
Printable Flyer

  • ORION will also create for you – Automatically – an 8.5 x 11, color Printable flyer.

  • Click on the “View Print Flyer” button to see this flyer.

Print your new flyer
Print Your New Flyer

  • To Print this flyer, in your browser, simply click on “File” and then “Print”

    • Be certain that your printer setting are as follows:

      • Orientation “Landscape”

      • Scale 100%

      • Shrink to Fit should be checked

      • “Print Background (Colors & Images)


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