the united states
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The United States

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The United States - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The United States. 4 Key Regions Of the Country. The 48 connected states are called the CONTINENTAL states. About 6,500 square miles of land…. Alaska – 591,004 Square Miles Lower 48 States – 3,021,295 Square Miles. Washington, D.C. is the national capital.

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the united states

The United States

4 Key Regions Of the Country

The national capital of the United States is located on land between the states of Virginia and Maryland.
Washington is located in the District of Columbia, and as part of an early compromise, was placed midway between the North and South.

D. C. is not a state, but is referred to as a “federal district”.

The Northeast is usually considered to be the 6 New England states, as well as the Mid-Atlantic states.

Some geographers place Delaware and Maryland in the South, but I agree with putting them in the Northeast.

Boston – The largest city in New England, and is its cultural center. It is a major port town, and has many collegesand universities.
New York City – The largest city in the U. S., and one of the largest on Earth. It is a center of culture, art, and learning, and is one of the major financial capitals of the world.
Philadelphia – Played an especially important role in early U. S. history. This is where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutionwere written.
Buffalo, New York – Former major industrial and trade center on Lake Erie

Pittsburgh, Penn. –

Major coal and steel producing center of the U. S.

Baltimore – The largest city in Maryland, and an important port city. It is also the site of where “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written.
The South or Southeast is generally considered to be these states, plus Oklahoma and Texas. Many are from the old Confederacy.

Oklahoma is also sometimes included in the Midwest. In sub-regions, Texas is also sometimes placed in the Southwest.

Atlanta – It is a major center of transportation and trade, with some people even referring it as the capital of the “New South”. It is home to the busiest airport in the world.
Charlotte – The biggest city in North Carolina has become a major banking and finance center in the U. S.
Miami – Its location and pleasant climate have helped turn it into a major tourist destination. It is also a major link between the U. S. and Latin America.
memphis and nashville these two tennessee cities have had an important impact on music in the u s
Memphis and Nashville – These two Tennessee cities have had an important impact on music in the U. S.
New Orleans – Located on the Mississippi River, this city is a major port, and also a center of culture and tourism.
dallas is the largest u s city with no direct outlet to the sea it is a major transportation hub
Dallas is the largest U. S. city with no direct outlet to the sea. It is a major transportation hub.
Houston – Despite being inland from the Gulf of Mexico, it is connected to the ocean through waterways, and is one of the busiest ports in the U. S. It is also a center of energy production and the aerospace industry.
Chicago – It is the third largest city in the U. S., and is the cultural and financial capital of the Midwest. It is a major center of transportation and trade.
Detroit – Famously known as “Mo-Town” or “the Motor City”, was once the great center of American car manufacturing, and a thriving music industry. In the last 40 years, it has seen a rapid decline in its population.

Its central location has made it a transportation center.

Minneapolis –

At one time it was known as the “Flour Capital of the World” because of its grain processing.

St. Louis–

“The Gateway to the West” is also a major river port on the Mississippi River

Kansas City –

Located in the center of the U. S., it is famous for its music contributions and its barbecue.

Los Angeles – The massive western metropolis is the second largest city in the U. S. It is a center of culture, entertainment, and transportation.
Phoenix – the sprawling desert metropolis has grown to be one of the biggest in the U. S. Many retired people have moved to this area.
San Diego –

A major port, tourist, and military center.

San Francisco –

A major port, business/ financial center, and tourist destination.

Seattle, Washington – Largest city in the Northwest, and a major port.

Portland, Oregon –

A major lumber center and port, even though it is 100 miles inland.

Denver, Colorado –

Largest city in the Rockies, and major transportation/trade center.

Salt Lake City, Utah –

Centrally located as the “Crossroads of the West”.

Boise, Idaho (the city of trees) has grown to be the third largest city in the Northwest. It is home to a really cool college football team.

Some very interesting people also come from the awesome town of Rigby…