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Author : Harper Lee Setting : 1930’s in a fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama

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Author : Harper Lee Setting : 1930’s in a fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to To Kill a Mockingbird. Author : Harper Lee Setting : 1930’s in a fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama Genre : Coming-of-age story; social drama; courtroom drama; Southern drama Themes:  The coexistence of good and evil; the importance of

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Introduction to

To Kill a Mockingbird

Author: Harper Lee

Setting: 1930’s in a fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama

Genre: Coming-of-age story; social drama; courtroom drama;

Southern drama

Themes: The coexistence of good and evil; the importance of

moral education; social class

harper lee

Harper Lee

Harper Lee
  • Born in Monroeville, Alabama, in 1926 and still lives there
  • Lee received the 1961 Pulitzer Prize in Literature for To Kill a Mockingbird
  • This was her only novel.
  • Information on the author:
brother sister relationships
Brother/sister relationships
  • Roleplaying:
  • I need 2 students to volunteer to roleplay. 
  • Pretend that you are either the older 12-year-old brother or the younger 8-year-old sister & assume his or her role in one of the following situations.
  • Situation 1: Older brother wants to go to a video arcade with his friends;
  • little sister wants to go also, but he doesn't want her to tag along.
  • Situation 2: Younger sister wants to go next door to play with neighbors,
  • but older brother has instructions from their parents for both of
  • them to stay in the house until their parents get home.
  • Situation 3: Younger sister enjoys outdoor activities and sports more than
  • playing dolls; older brother recognizes her athletic skills but teases
  • her about being a tomboy.

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partner group activity
Partner/Group Activity
  • Critique the roleplaying from several points of view:
    • the realism of the portrayals
    • as well as the family relationships and social issues involved.
    • This activity helps to set the time and establish the themes to be discussed in considering Scout and Jem's relationship in TKM.

Paper Bag Collage

Outward Appearances and Inner Qualities

Due Next week:

*Search through newspapers, magazines, or even photo albums at home to find pictures that symbolizeaspects of your personality.

Ex.: a pic of a tennis shoe can represent being on the track


*Choose aspects of your personality that people know about and also some things they may not know about. You may include some small objects too.

Include info. on interests, hobbies, family, background, etc.


Sentence Starter Activity

  • 1. My idea of a hero is ...
  • 2. America's idea of a model family may be
  • described as...
  • 3. A defendant in a jury trial has the best chance
  • of being found innocent if ...
  • 4. One advantage of living before 1950 was ...
  • 5. One disadvantage of living before 1950 was ...
  • 6. A Southern lady would never ...
topics racism prejudice justice family relationships
Topics: Racism, prejudice, justice, family relationships

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historical background
Historical Background
  • Scottsboro Trial
  • The Civil Rights movement: a timeline that parallels events with the publication of this book.
  • Growing up black in the 1930’s: an interview
heroes heroism
Heroes, Heroism
  • Brainstorm words, phrases, & names that come to mind as you consider heroes & heroism
what makes a hero or heroin
What makes a hero or heroin?

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  • In this story, Atticus Finch is one of the heroes
  • presented. Several characters present heroic
  • qualities.
  • Look for the heroic qualities discussed as we
  • read the story.

Realistic language

Think of words & phrases you commonly use that older generations don’t use.

Use names for common objects, interjections, etc.


Realistic dialogue

Work in your groups to develop 5 to 6 sentences of dialogue that make use of words peculiar to their own generation

Add another 5 to 6 sentences of dialogue - preferably but not necessarily on the same subject - as spoken by people from another generation.

The critical point is to keep the language of each dialogue appropriate to the speakers in their own time period.

realistic dialogue realism in to kill a mockingbird
Realistic Dialogue & Realism in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The writer’s concern with realistic language may result in words & passages that some readers find offensive.
  • Realism is evident in To Kill a Mockingbird in the language used and in the realism of negative events in the novel (rape and murder).
  • This language and these events are only part of the larger theme and moral vision of the author.

Student Survival Guide to TKAM: