the atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki n.
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The Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki PowerPoint Presentation
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The Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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The Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By: Hunter Lane. The Bombs. The atomic bombs were used on Japan during World War II by the US to try to force the Japanese to surrender. Over Hiroshima ~Named “Little Boy” Size=8,900 pounds. Over Nagasaki ~Named “Fat Man” Size=10,800 pounds.

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the bombs
The Bombs
  • The atomic bombs were used on Japan during World War II by the US to try to force the Japanese to surrender.
the bombs1
Over Hiroshima

~Named “Little Boy”

Size=8,900 pounds

Over Nagasaki

~Named “Fat Man”

Size=10,800 pounds

The Bombs
when they hit
When They Hit
  • On August 6th, 1945 President Truman gave the order to Pilot Paul Tibbets to drop “Little Boy” on Hiroshima. Name of plane was Enola Gay.
  • On August 9th, 1945 they dropped “Fat Man” on to Nagasaki.
  • Hiroshima was Japan’s 7th largest City.
  • In minutes of the bombing half of the city had vanished.
  • Of Hiroshima’s 90,000 buildings, 60,000 were demolished
  • Nagasaki wasn’t the first target on August 9th. At first the target was Kokura but due to smoke cover Nagasaki was hit.
  • Nagasaki was an industrialized city.
  • The bomb exploded 1,800 feet over the city for maximum blast effect.
deaths of hiroshima
Deaths Of Hiroshima
  • According to U.S. estimates the death amount was 60,000 to 70,000 people
  • 140,000 people were injured.
  • Deadly radiation reached 100,000.
  • Thousands died instantly.
deaths of nagasaki
Deaths of Nagasaki
  • Killed 42,000 and injured 40,00 more.
  • Many were burned due to burned homes…
mushroom cloud of hiroshima
Mushroom Cloud of Hiroshima
  • Smoke had billowed 20,000 feet in the air and had spread 10,000 feet on the target.
mushroom cloud over nagasaki
Mushroom Cloud over Nagasaki
  • The cloud was at a height of 60,000 feet.
war between usa and japan
War Between USA and Japan
  • The US and Japan had been at war since Japans attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 until 1945 when the US dropped the atomic bombs.
leaders in world war 2
The President for the United States of America when the atomic bombs were dropped was President Truman.

The ruler of Japan during World War II was Emperor Hirohito.

Leaders In World War 2
the little boy
The Little Boy
  • Name- Mk 1 bomb
  • First Nuclear Weapon used in warfare
  • Delivered by B-29 Enola Gay (Plane)
  • Explosive force equal to 20,000 tons of TNT.
the fat man
The Fat Man
  • Released by B-29 Bockscar (plane)
  • Also about 20,000 tons of TNT in explosive force.
  • Damage less due to hilly terrain.
  • Implosion-type weapon using plutonium.
why japan ended up bombed
Why Japan Ended up Bombed
  • The reason that the US bombed Japan was because on July 26, President Truman issued the Potsdam Declaration, calling for Japan’s unconditional surrender and listed peace terms, Japan was warned of the consequences if refused to surrender, and they still refused to surrender causing the first bomb “Little Boy” to be dropped.
  • Some 70,000 people died from heat, radiation effects at Hiroshima.
  • This included 20 American prisoners
  • A few days after the blast people noticed radiation sickness in the survivors.
  • Then the death rate began to climb.
  • Within the year of the bombing the death toll was about 200,000.
  • Today there are as many as 400,000 survivors from the bombings.
  • Most survivors keep their history secret with fear of rejection from others.
  • I think that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a very big part of American history.
  • It ended one of the biggest wars of all time.
  • It killed many innocent people to help save more American lives.
  • Most info was found from these two websites
  • Other info found from