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Implementing CIITS: Empowering Kentucky’s Teachers and Leaders for Success

Implementing CIITS: Empowering Kentucky’s Teachers and Leaders for Success. Agenda. Updates and Important Information with Q & A Topic Information School and District Data Module Q&A. Resource Update Information. Increased Resources for Discovery in the Classroom Module.

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Implementing CIITS: Empowering Kentucky’s Teachers and Leaders for Success

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  1. Implementing CIITS: Empowering Kentucky’s Teachers and Leaders for Success

  2. Agenda • Updates and Important Information with Q & A • Topic Information • School and District Data Module • Q&A

  3. Resource Update Information • Increased Resources for Discovery in the Classroom Module

  4. Resource Update Information Searching for Standards in CIITS on: • Home Page • Classroom Module • Assessment Admin

  5. Training Update Information Curriculum Manager Training KDE will sponsor Curriculum Manager training in March that would be one day open to 25 districts for each day long session.  There will be a half day how to use the Curriculum Manger tool and a half day of working with participants on entering their district curriculum. Please bring materials to enter your Curriculum that day. GRECC March 17th and 18th NKY March 19th Central KYMarch 21st

  6. Update Information • CIITS HELP • It is extremely important that districts report CIITS issues to: • CIITS Help Desk at 855-435-7459, or • – cc Maritta Horne, CIITS service manager at KDE, and • For more information on CIITS Help resources available on-line, clickhere. • KDE and SchoolNet continue to work together to improve performance issues. Districts confirm that they have experienced problems from system upgrades that were put in place through January; however, some districts are still experiencing issues. We need specifics on these issues, especially if the problem is slowness or latency, documented through CIITS help desk tickets to fully research issues. Specifics on what users are experiencing and in what application the issues are occurring is critical to help diagnose the problems. Please remind teachers and staff in schools that they can individually report all issues to the CIITS Help Desk.

  7. New Assessment Update Information Available Now Access 2012 Kindergarten 2013 Explore 2013 Plan 2013 Coming: Self Help/ Social Emotional 2013 COMPASS KYOTE AP

  8. Assessment Update Information Discovery Education will now provide Assessment Data to SchoolNet for use in CIITS WEEKLY!!

  9. Final Grades • Grades entered in Infinite Campus for the “Final Grade” grading task of a course/section are now available in CIITS. • Classroom teachers, leadership, or those with the custom role of Specialist can view student grades on the Student Profile > Enrollment & Academic Record tab. Grades are loaded to CIITS each week during the weekly data refresh cycle. • Refer to the Grades Data Standard for more information on setting up grading tasks in Infinite Campus. •

  10. Usage and RTTT Data Metrics and Reports: KDE CIITS PowerSource

  11. Training Information for RTTT I will be sending out a PD Survey as it relates to individual district training of CIITS for the RTTT measures in mid-April

  12. Stories from the Field Bourbon County Curriculum: We have a fully aligned curriculum with maps in place, so we decided to create that at the district level, taking our curriculum and uploading it directly into the program, indicating the standards alignment, for teachers to access through the lesson planner.  This was less work for staff in the buildings working with students and still allowed them to access the curriculum through their portal.  When changes are made to the maps, the additions are made here at our office.  The detailed maps include unit plans.

  13. Stories from the Field Bourbon County Lesson Planning: At each building, teachers submit weekly lesson plans to their administrators through CIITS.  Teachers use a school/district designed template and upload it into the system.  Plans created through PLC process and shared among teams.  Principals monitor lesson plan submission and implementation through CIITS.

  14. Stories from the Field Bourbon County Assessment Administration:  In previous years, our district had used a goal calculator to collect and analyze common assessment data across the district.  This year, we made the switch to CIITS.  All common assessments were entered into CIITS at the district level and are assigned to teachers during broad testing windows.  Teachers administer them through CIITs, and teachers and leaders at all levels are able to analyze student progress toward mastery of standards and use the tool for differentiating for student groups.  In addition, teachers use the program for formative assessment at their own direction.  Using the answer key only method is proving to be highly popular with staff.

  15. EDS Update The Pearson Schoolnet team recognizes the critical importance of supporting all teachers through the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System.  The PGES teacher rosters that are currently populated in CIITS reflect teachers that have active section assignments as the primary teacher of record.  The need to expand this functionality has been reported to Pearson by the KDE leadership team and the Pearson team is committed to fully supporting all teachers for the 2014-2015 school year.  Pearson is  pleased to announce that beginning on the evening of February 14th with the release of Schoolnet v15.3, Supporting Teachers (ECE, interventionist, Special Ed) will now be present on the PGES rosters for Observations and the Student Growth Goal Setting Process.  Continued development work is required to support the additional multiple measures for supporting teachers to complete Professional Growth Plans and Self Reflections.  This development is in progress and is scheduled to be complete in CIITS for the 2014-2015 school year.

  16. EDS Update Caseload Manager Update "In previous versions of CIITS, only Teachers of Record could be added to observation caseloads in the EDS Caseload Manager Tool. With the current 15.3 release, EVERYONE with an account in CIITS can be added to observation caseloads. While these users are now available in the Caseload Manager, they are not all required to be added to caseloads (or observed in the system). This new feature was part of a request to ensure that observations can occur for all users who should be observed without the limitation of being a Teacher of Record. For information on managing caseloads, see: Resource: Caseload Management (Updated 10-9-2013)"

  17. School and District Data Jason McCormack: Training Lead

  18. My Schoolnet for Administrators The CIITS home page provides shortcuts to key information about your students, school and district. Principal and teacher views differ.

  19. View Key Performance Indicators Explore the KPI Dashboard.

  20. How did students perform on benchmark tests?

  21. Reports Available to Investigate Further Access published reports in the Report Bank.

  22. Reports Available to Investigate Further Access pre-formatted reports.

  23. Save and Access Your Own Reports So that the data is always current, save the report parameters, rather than the results.

  24. Analysis SpreadsheetHow are my students performing across multiple data points?

  25. CIITS Contacts

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