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GSA Agenda

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  1. GSA Agenda 10/26/10

  2. Basic Agenda • Ally Week • It gets better campaign

  3. Ally Week • Ally Week, October 18-22, is a week for students to organize events that serve to identify, support and celebrate Allies to LGBT youth. Whether you’ve been planning for weeks or are just getting started now, there are plenty of things you can do for Ally Week! • MAKE SURE TO REGISTER your participation in Ally Week so we can have an accurate number of how many people participated. Click here to register! • Spread the word on Facebook! Change your status to one of the following: • I’m proud to be an Ally to LGBT youth! Celebrate Ally Week, Oct 18-22. Learn more at • Be an Ally. Be the Change. Celebrate Ally Week, Oct 18-22. Learn more at • Don’t have anything planned? You can still participate! Check out the Ally Week Action guide or 10 Things You Can Do for Ally Week, both available at • Be visible! Yellow is the official AW color, so if everyone participating wears yellow you'll be sure to stand out. And don’t forget t-shirts, buttons, stickers, face-paint—these are all ways you can help draw attention to your action. • Be respectful! Ally Week is about ending anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in school. To do this, it's important to treat people with respect. There are likely people at your school who will try to challenge your activities or your beliefs. Treat these people not as they treat you but with the same respect you hope to be treated with. Remember, Ally Week is a peaceful action!

  4. Joel Burns: It gets better… • incredibly touched by the emotional and deeply personal account of his experiences as a young gay man • recent media attention his words have garnered encouraging. • filmed a PSA for GLSEN in support of safe and respectful schools for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression • highlighting the need for concerned adults to take action to change schools for the better • “This bullying and harassment must stop. Our schools must be a safe place to learn and grow.” As life after life is tragically lost to relentless bias-based bullying, we cannot continue to look the other way. And it is up to us to make these changes now, so no more lives are lost or scarred by senseless anti-LGBT harassment. • It is so amazing how a ten minute speech could have such a profound and widespread impact. If you have had the opportunity to watch Councilmember Burns’ moving speech, then share it with your friends and family.

  5. "It Gets Better" video, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire • The Anglican Communion's first openly gay Episcopal bishop, tells lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender kids that, despite what some might say, they are exactly the way God made them

  6. Have You Heard About the Make It Better Project? • The Make It Better Project is supported by a host of LGBT organizations and charities and is aimed at LGBT youth with the message that, yes, it does get better, but you don't have to wait. • There are people out there wanting to help you to stop the bullying right here, right now; all you have to do is to reach out to them. • For more information, and links to resources for LGBT teens, their parents, educators and straight advocates Visit the Make It Better Project Website