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Got Fuel problems ?? PowerPoint Presentation
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Got Fuel problems ??

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Got Fuel problems ?? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Got Fuel problems ??. We have the Solution…. Manufactured by. Rock-Tech. Your key to Rock Solid Solutions. For more information contact Thompson Technicians Ltd Your Local Distributor. a self-contained portable fuel station that allows . you to bring fuel closer to the workplace.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript

Got Fuel problems ??

We have the Solution…

Manufactured by


Your key to Rock

Solid Solutions

For more information

contact Thompson Technicians Ltd

Your Local Distributor

a self-contained portable fuel station that allows

you to bring fuel closer to the workplace



- portable on-site fuel & oil accessibility to your workplace

- meets the mining requirements for underground fuel and oil storage

- reduces environmental risk

- cost effective

- all bladders are UL aproved


Safety Features

110 Percent Containment

Shipping Bars & Lifting Lugs

Emergency Door Release

Break away Connector

Anti Siphon Valve

In the event of a fire or emergency the

SatStat unit comes with an emergency

door release handle to close the fireproof

door to protect the fuel or oil inside the


All Dispensing systems come equipped with break away connectors toprevent

spills caused by operators drivingoff

with fueling nozzlestill attached to


Shipping bars and lifting lugs

are included with each unit for

tranporting and relocating the

fuel station

Prevents fuel from siphoning out of the bladder in event of damage to suction or dispensing hose

The SatStat catch basin is designed to

contain 110% of it’s storage capacity to

prevent spills

Water Safety valve

Comes in either:

Ansul or Water Systems

Automatic themal activated door

and fire suppression system

Prevents pump from operating when water is absent from the sprinkler system or in event of pressure drop


Justifying The Purchase of a SatStat

To supplement an existing fuel bay or in remote areas of a mine

Considerations may include

-Reduced equipment travel time per shift

-Reduced operating hours on equipment

-Reduced equipment maintenance costs

-increased face time and productivity per man shift

-reduced fuel consumption

-Minimizes environmental risks and improves operator safety

-Decreased congestion at existing fuel stations and travelways

-Continued savings, due to portability of units

and maintained proximity to the workforce


SatStat vs Conventional Fuel Bay

Where the SatStat is being considered instead of a conventional fuel bay

Considerations may include

-The cost of excavation involved in a typical fuel bay configuration

-The cost of providing for containment

-The cost of typical components(tank,hose reels, nozzle)

-The cost of vent doors

-Improved operator safety

-The cost of fire suppression systems

-Decommissioning costs when the bay is no longer required

-Minimized environmental risks

-The manpower costs to design, purchase, install, and coordinate the construction

-Non recoverable costs


SatStat Options

There are various combinations of options offered with the Sattelite Fuel Stations

-Dual dispensing reels for different fueling configurations (splash or fast fueling)

-Dual Dispensing skids for dispensing 2 different fluids

-Pneumatic and explosion proof electric pumps of various vlotages

and dispensing port sizes

-Single,dual or tripple bladder storage configurations for various types of fuels,oils..


Fast Fueling Vs Conventional Fill

Considerations include

-The Flomax Fast Fueling nozzle provides a flow rate of up to 180 gallons per minute

-Fast fueling nozzles locking mechanism provides a secured seal on the

fueling receiver thus eliminating spills

-No plastic materials used on the unit.

-internal components all stainless steel

-Fuel is filled from the bottom of tank to prevent it from foaming

allowing to fill tank to maximum capacity in a minimal time frame

which in turn amounts to time saving and increasing your productivity

Why should you use Fast Fuelling?

-By filling the unit through a receiver located at the lower side of the fuel tank

it prevents accidents and injuries by not having to climb

on top of machinery when fueling


Models & Sizes

Rock-Tech offers various models and styles ranging from

Specialty Models

225 to 2000 gallon storing capacity to meet your application needs


For storing and dispensing a 250 Gallon Esso oil cube


For storing and dispensing three 200 gallon bladders containing any 3 fluids


For storing and dispensing dual 450 gallon bladders

Or dual 250 Gallon Esso cubes


Rock-Tech is Please to announce that as of June 2006 is

The new Patent owner of the registered trademark name;

Presented by


Thompson Technicians Ltd.

25 Severn Crescent

Thompson, Mb

(204) 778-6171

(204) 571-0520

Brandon, Mb