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Add an RSVP PowerPoint Presentation
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Add an RSVP

Add an RSVP

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Add an RSVP

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  1. Add an RSVP An RSVP module can be used when you have an event or function where you need people to RSVP. You as webmaster can manage and use this module. You can export all the attendees and receive a mail when someone RSVPs. Screen Shots

  2. Add a RSVP When you have an event and need to set up an RSVP module, it is like adding a page. Click on Add Page. Screen Shots

  3. Add a RSVP Fill in the standard fields Page name – English Page name – Afrikaans Active : Yes When you select a module just pick the RSVP module. Save the page Detailed Front End

  4. Add a RSVP Now you can click on Edit Content on your newly created RSVP module. The Events window will open. Now click on Add Event. Screen Shots

  5. Add RSVP When adding a RSVP module, fill in all the fields: Event title: Contact: All the dates: Click on the little calendar Event intro: Is a short paragraph about the event. Notification e-mail: A person will receive e-mail when someone RSVPs Alternate E mail: Another person Attachment: If you have brochure, accommodation detail or a form which must be filled in, you can attach it here. The system allows three attachments. Order Page: If you have more than one RSVP Ref no: You can add a part of ref number E.g. Web… Show dietary Requirements: FCK Editor: Add all your additional information about the event in more detail. Add/Edit Alternate Language: Open Window where you will add the Afrikaans content Save: after you filled in the form. Screen Shots

  6. Add a RSVP Once your RSVP module has been created and you have uploaded an event, you will be able to see the event displayed on the page. You can click on the event and fill in the form. Once people have submitted their RSVP, they receive a reference number and an automated e-mail saying that they have RSVP. Screen Shots

  7. Add RSVP Adding information about your event in your RSVP module Fill in form: Event Title Contact Start date of event End date of event Display from Display till Event Intro Notification e-mail Alternative e-mail Attachments 1,2,3 Ref number starts with Active Show dietary requirements FCK Editor: Rest of info Add/Edit Alternate language Save Front End Adding an RSVP module Add page Page name English: Web RSVP Page name Afrikaans: Web RSVP Active: Yes Select module: RSVP Save Adding an event in your RSVP module Edit content Add event Fill in form Save KISS Front End & KISS Back End

  8. Typical user FAQs • Can I use the RSVP for more than one function or event at a time? Yes, you can will then just set up more events (Add Event). 2. Can I then view who has RSVPd for the event? Yes you can, when you go into the admin tool to your RSVP you will see a View Attendees button where you can then see a list of information which you can export to Excel. 3. When my RSVP date has expired, will I still be able to see my list of attendees? Yes, you will be able to. 4. Can people make payments when they RSVP for an event? No, not with the RSVP module, but the conference module allows this.