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Canberra. Windows User Group. Future. Disk based backup becoming cost effective Archive and Backup diverge Recovery in minutes or seconds Continuous backup End user recovery Self healing backups. Today. Majority of companies use tape Tape: one size fits all Backup once per day

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Windows User Group

industry waves backup and recovery evolution


  • Disk based backup becoming cost effective
  • Archive and Backup diverge
  • Recovery in minutes or seconds
  • Continuous backup
  • End user recovery
  • Self healing backups


  • Majority of companies use tape
  • Tape: one size fits all
  • Backup once per day
  • Tape recoveries slow & unreliable
  • Administrators do all recoveries
Industry WavesBackup and recovery evolution

Customer Needs: Faster Recovery

  • Recovery is unreliable and painful
    • Too slow and expensive to recover files
      • typical recovery takes hours or days (slow, expensive)
    • Recoveries are unreliable
      • 42% of companies had failed recovery in past year
    • 50% of customers wish for online backup verification
    • Data protection is labor intensive
    • All recoveries go through the server admin

Rapid and Reliable Recovery

customer data protection pain points

Continuous and efficient protection

Customer Data Protection Pain Points

Customer Needs: Eliminating Backup Window

  • Backup is too complex, slow, and inefficient
    • Shrinking backup window
      • Growth in data makes it too difficult and time consuming to back up
    • Backups too slow/lots of manual scheduling
    • Mandated disaster recovery plans
    • 24 hours of data loss assumed with tape
    • Tape as one size fits all (file and server recovery, offsite protection and long term archive)
    • Tape inconvenience and unreliability of is # 1 challenge
customer data protection pain points1

Operational Simplicity

Customer Data Protection Pain Points

Customer Needs: Simpler Solution, Lower costs

  • Current backup products are too complex, costly
    • Companies spend too much time and money on backup
    • Labor is the majority of backup cost
    • Branch office data protection is cumbersome
    • Massive data growth increases costs
    • Too many tapes
    • Most disk-based backup solution are cost prohibitive
Ideal scenarios for DPM are:
  • Medium-sized data centers
    • Have aggressive Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
    • Have a faster Recovery Time Objective (RTO) than tape can provide
    • Significant costs associated with a data loss event
    • Significant backup window issues
    • Frequent file recoveries from tape
    • Few IT staff
  • Enterprises with lots of branch offices
    • Many distributed branch office file servers
    • Few or no dedicated IT staff in the branch
    • Likely to currently use existing tape infrastructure
    • High backup costs
solutions with dpm disk to disk to tape within data center
Solutions With DPMDisk to Disk to Tape within data center




File Servers

Tape Library

DPM Servers


  • Agents track / synchronize data from production servers to DPM
  • All agent communication initiated from DPS
  • Components: file system filter, Coordinator
  • Each protected volume has sync log (10% of volume size)
  • Agent overhead 3-5%
  • Deployed via DPM UI

DPM Server:

  • Windows Server 2003 or Storage Server
  • SQL, Reporting Services
  • Lots of disks (1.3X) – Storage Pool
  • Replica and Snapshots created for quick recovery
  • Source for tape backup


  • Multiple, schedule driven point-in-time copies
  • User-friendly, wizard driven set up and restore
  • Read only
  • Copy-on-Write, software based snapshots

Active Directory

  • Maintains ACL’s
  • Queries AD for new servers
  • Alerts for various data protection meaningful events
  • Redirects shadow copies

Tape Library

  • Backup to tape from DPM
  • VSS Writer SDK available to tape software partners to provide integration
  • Backup DPM itself
implementation scenarios branch office data protection

Corporate WAN

Implementation Scenarios Branch office data protection

Backup process

  • Agent deployed to branch office servers
  • Agent captures data and replicates to DPM server in HQ
  • DPM takes snapshots to enable recovery at multiple points in time


  • Rapid & reliable recovery including end user recovery
  • Less potential data loss
  • Easy and efficient scheduling and management
  • No trained staff needed in branch
  • Reduce tape equipment requirements in the branch


New York

DPM Server





Los Angeles

microsoft it case study
Microsoft IT Case Study
  • Pain Points
    • 17% Annual Failure rate on Tape drives
    • Per Month - 40,000 backup jobs, 16000 errors 
    • 30% annual growth in data storage ~5000 servers
  • Solution
    • 300GB Branch office data – 10 minute block level replication each night
    • 14 DPM servers replaced 130 Tape libraries, media servers and associated infrastructure in branches
      • Redmond – 4 DPM servers / 73 branch offices / 15.37 terabytes
      • Dublin -- 5 DPM servers / 35 branch offices / 22.08 terabytes
      • Singapore -- 3 DPM servers / 22 branch offices / 5.85 terabytes of data.
    • Box: HP ProLiant GL380 G4 computers with 3.6Ghz processors and 4 GB RAM.
    • Storage: EMC CLARiiON SAN with 320 GB SATA drives.
pricing and availability
Server and Agent model

Same licensing model as MOM

Agents: V1 is file servers only

Available through all channels

OEM, Volume, Full Packaged Product, Software assurance


English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean


Release – September 27th, 2005


US$950 for one DPM Server & 3 File Server Agents

Pricing and Availability

Data Protection

Manager Server License

Agent License