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3D Technologies for the Web

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3D Technologies for the Web - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3D Technologies for the Web. Agenda. Motivations for providing 3D web content Technologies 3DML VRML Shockwave 3D Development Tools and Processes Deployment Issues. Motivations for 3D Content. Virtual Tours ( Environments, Architectural walk-thru )

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Presentation Transcript
  • Motivations for providing 3D web content
  • Technologies
    • 3DML
    • VRML
    • Shockwave 3D
  • Development Tools and Processes
  • Deployment Issues
motivations for 3d content
Motivations for 3D Content
  • Virtual Tours ( Environments, Architectural walk-thru )
  • Product design presentation and interaction
  • Scientific applications - molecular structures, navigation of ‘spaces’
  • Abstract representations of real-world concepts, e.g navigating file structures or data warehouses via real-time 3D metaphors.
  • Online gaming
  • VRML
  • Shockwave 3D
  • 3DML
  • .3dml file has a mark-up syntax similar to HTML
  • Worlds called ‘Spots’ constructed from Blocks
  • Blocks have different characteristics which determine how they can be used in the construction of the 3DML world.
  • Blocks for:
      • Navigation
      • Textures
      • Animated GIFs
      • Latest version supports video streaming
  • Only supported on the Windows Platform
  • Blocks are regular shapes so difficult to represent circular structures
  • Download client from www.flatland.com
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or sometimes called 'Virtual Reality Markup Language’
  • Script-based language for defining desktop 3D environments.
  • VRML worlds can be constructed by hand in a text editor
  • More commonly produced from a 3D world created in a modeling package, like 3D Max or Maya
  • Exported in VRML format. Each camera that is defined within a 3D modeling package becomes a viewpoint in the exported VRML world. This helps to provide a means to control position and navigation within the world.
  • Files have .wrl extension
  • Worlds viewed in VRML client - usually within Web Browser
  • VRML is a desktop VR solution as compared with immersive VR
vrml example script
VRML - Example Script

VRML V2.0 utf8

# Produced by 3D Studio MAX VRML97 exporter, Version 2.05, Revision 1.3

# Date: Thu Oct 28 15:11:58 2004

DEF Sphere01 Transform {

translation -32.45 0 -41.79

children [

Shape {

appearance Appearance {

material Material {

diffuseColor 0.8392 0.898 0.651



geometry Sphere { radius 27.82 }




  • Supports event sounds and placing of spatial sounds within world
  • Supports video texturing of objects
  • VRML 1.0 emerged in mid 1990s
  • VRML 2.0 (1997) supports the embedding of animation of objects from 3D modeling environments when exporting to vrml giving so-called ‘moving worlds’
shockwave 3d
Shockwave 3D
  • Collaboration from Macromedia and Intel
  • Available with Macromedia Director since version 8.5
  • Lingo scripting language extended to include
  • functions which can create and manipulate a 3D
  • world and objects contained within.
shockwave 3d1
Shockwave 3D
  • Models created in applications such as 3D Studio
  • MAX and exported out to .W3D format.
  • Free plug-in for a number of 3D development
  • software packages such as MAX and Maya
  • Fairly heavy client required (4MB)
  • Lots of good content out on the web
deployment issues
Deployment Issues
  • Client-side software required to view & navigate worlds
  • Bandwidth! - broadband take-up and capacity will determine the future potential for 3D on the Web.
also have a look at blaxxun 3d
Also Have a Look at Blaxxun 3D
  • Blaxxon VRML / Java based 3D developed by Blaxxon Technologies ( Windows Only).