Understanding military in an educational setting uca basic training
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Understanding ‘Military’ in an Educational Setting UCA Basic Training. Charlotte Strickland University of Central Arkansas Diversity Series 2014-15. The Military in Higher Education Service Members. Active Duty Reserves, National Guard ROTC (Military Science) cadets Veteran

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Understanding military in an educational setting uca basic training

Understanding ‘Military’ in an Educational SettingUCABasic Training

Charlotte Strickland

University of Central Arkansas

Diversity Series 2014-15

The military in higher education service members
The Military in Higher EducationService Members

  • Active Duty

  • Reserves, National Guard

  • ROTC (Military Science) cadets

  • Veteran

  • Military family members

Military definitions
Military Definitions

GWOT = Global War on Terrorism

  • Over 2.6 million personnel have fought in Iraq / Afghan

  • 57% are under age 30

    OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom

  • Response to 9/11, began 7 OCT 2001

  • Large theatre of operations / Afghanistan

    OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom

  • Began 20 MAR 2003

  • Multinational operation fought entirely in Iraq

The military in higher education
The Military in Higher Education

  • Many join military with ultimate goal of college

  • Many in military more worldly/experienced/mature and realize value of furthering their education

  • College is a buffer between structured military life and civilian world

  • Two GI Bills make college affordable

Financing education for military
Financing Education for Military

  • GI Bill (1944) - law that provided a range of benefits for returning World War II veterans who had been on active duty during war years for at least 90 days and had not been dishonorably discharged; combat not required. Benefits included cash payments of tuition/living expenses to attend college. It made college accessible for over 2 million veterans in the 10 years following the end of World War II. In 1985, a bill sponsored by Congressman "Sonny" Montgomery expanded the G.I. Bill. (MGIB).

    • Post 9/11 GI Bill – Congress approved 2008, began 2009. The bill provides education benefits (tuition/fees, housing allowance) for service members who have served on active duty for 90 or more days since Sept.10, 2001.Partially transferrable to dependents.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program

  • Yellow Ribbon Program

Understanding military in an educational setting uca basic training

Veteran National Data

* Approximate Veterans in U.S.: 22 million* Male/Female: 19.7 million males, 2.3 million females* Age Ranges: 18-85+ (3 million between 25-35)* Conflicts: WW2-current 2.2 million joined after 9/11 More than 2.6 million U.S. troops veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan*UtilizingGI Bill: 3.5 million

Service members diversity
Service MembersDiversity

  • Age – traditional and non-traditional

  • Gender

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Race

  • Disabilities, PTSD, TBI

  • Military branch

  • Military role: frontline/medic/fuel handler/paperwork, etc.

  • Attention

Group discussion
Group Discussion

  • What images or thoughts come to mind when you hear the word military or veteran?

    • Is there a specific gender you think of?

    • Race? Ethnicity?

    • Political affiliation? Age?

    • Are there any emotions associated with these images/thoughts?

    • Where do these images and/or thoughts concerning the military or veterans come from?

Transitional issues
Transitional Issues

  • Disoriented – transition from military to college

  • Loss of identity and work-related friendships

  • Feel alienated from rest of the country, isolated

  • Loss of close colleagues; haunted by memories

  • Difficulty relating to younger college students

  • Family issues & responsibilities

  • Cognitive difficulties and/or fears

  • Stereotypes

  • Boredom with everyday life

  • Academic & Administrative Staff understanding

  • Prejudice against military

  • Impatience with disrespect of authority; unruliness

  • Milyissu

What service members may experience in your class office
What Service Members may experience in your class/office

  • Discomfort with unfamiliar people or surroundings

  • The need to sit away from windows or in the back of the class, and a reluctance to speak in class

  • Sensitivity to war references and/or discussions or assignments on war; discomfort when put on spot

  • A need for increased encouragement, guidance, understanding

  • Physical issues due to injury/chronic pain

  • Non-visible injuries including but not limited to hearing, head injury, PTSD, which may impact communications

  • Reluctance to ask for assistance

  • Urgency to receive VA calls, appear at VA appointments

How can we assist
How can We assist?

  • Referrals - UCA Veteran Office, UCA Veteran Resource Center, Counseling Center, Office Disability Resources

  • Mindful - Words/assumptions/environment

  • Identity - Military/Veteran status is only part of a student’s identity

    Service Members bring a wealth of life & work experience to the classroom/office and contribute to the diverse richness of the University!

    Sincere Honest Present-Minded

Uca veteran services
UCA Veteran Services

UCA Veteran Services

David Williams: Veteran Services CoordinatorBernard Hall, Suite 004-AUniversity of Central ArkansasConway, AR 72035501-852-2999veteranservices@uca.edu


UCA Student Veterans’ Resource Center

Room 206D, Old Main Building

Hours M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Phone: 450-3353


Coming soon…..the Student Veteran Association

UCA registered student organization

Understanding military in an educational setting uca basic training

“ I don’t need to be recognized for being in the military. You don’t have to look at me and say, ‘he’s a veteran,’ and I don’t need special preference. But in the same breath, I am appreciative of teachers and staff who say, ’yeah this is a veteran and they are not a traditional student and they require special attention.’ Academically we’re different, financially we’re different, in so many ways, we’re different.”

---- Scott Ury