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Administering a Session PowerPoint Presentation
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Administering a Session

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Administering a Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Administering a Session. Have you administered a TurningPoint session before?. Yes No I am not sure. Administering a TurningPoint Session. The Showbar. Allows you to: See polling status for a question Change chart values Repoll a question Slice data Insert question on the fly

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Presentation Transcript
the showbar
The Showbar

Allows you to:

  • See polling status for a question
  • Change chart values
  • Repoll a question
  • Slice data
  • Insert question on the fly
  • See who has or hasn't responded yet
  • Only appears on question slides
  • Use the enter key to control advancement of slides
the showbar only appears on question slides and during the active presentation
The Showbar only appears on question slides and during the active presentation.
  • True
  • False
  • Please Review
the showbar1
The Showbar

Insert On-the-fly

Question Slide

Polling Status


Number of Students that have answered





*Undock allows you to move the showbar from the upper right corner of your screen. Undock is useful if the showbar is covering part of your question.


*Repoll resets the slide and allows you ask the same question again. The original polled data is kept.

question on the fly
Question On the Fly

*This is perfect for a teachable moment or status check.

response grid
Response Grid

*Use this option to find out response status. You can also adjust what displays on the grid in Settings.

collecting responses
Collecting Responses




  • Specify the participant list you want to use
  • Start your presentation in Slide Show Mode
  • When a question slide appears, polling will automatically open.
  • Click on the slide to end polling (if you chose a countdown timer, it will appear first).
  • After you have reviewed the chart. Click to advance to the next slide.
after the session
After the Session




Files are located in the My Documents folder and have the extension .tpz

participant what
Participant What?
  • Sessions can be run in three modes
  • Participant Lists allow us to track student responses.
  • Participant Lists are .tpl files and are stored in My Documents > TurningPoint > Participants ( they can not be opened directly)
anonymous i can t find you
Anonymous I CAN'T FIND YOU!
  • Allows for collection of data as a class.
  • Answers are not labeled to a certain device or person.
  • Not for individual assessment.
auto i can see you
  • Allows for collection of data as a class.
  • Answers are labeled to the Device Address.
  • Can be used for individual assessment.
participant list i know you
Participant List I KNOW YOU!
  • Allows for collection of data as a class.
  • Answers are labeled to a students name.
  • Ideal for individual assessment.
I ask a question to my students but do not want individuals answers identified. What type of participant list would I use?
  • Anonymous
  • Auto
  • Custom Participant List

Answer Now

benefits of a custom participant list
Benefits of a Custom Participant List
  • Connects the Student Name to the Device ID.
  • Allows points to be awarded to students for selecting a correct answer.
  • Allows teachers to track groups.
  • Allows teachers to run reports with student names.
the participants button
The Participants Button

The Participants menu gives you several options:

Participant List Wizard to create a list.

Import a Participant List to bring a list in from another location.

Edit a Participant List, to open a list and make changes.

Delete a Participant List, to delete a list from your computer.

creating a custom participant list
Creating a Custom Participant List.
  • Click the Participants Button.
  • Select Participant List Wizard.
  • Select the Education Template.
  • Choose Selected Fields.
  • Create Groups/Teams.
  • Name Participant List.
  • Add Device and Student Information.
    • Type
    • Cut and Paste
    • Import

Follow the Trainer

class groups teams for competitions
Class Groups/Teams for Competitions

Add a group for each subcategory of NCLB or reading levels of students

we have to manually type in all the device and student information
We have to manually type in all the device and student information.
  • True
  • False
  • Please Review

Answer Now

are we going to have a different participant list for each of our classes
Are we going to have a different Participant List for each of our classes?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Please Review

Answer Now

helpful tips
Helpful Tips
  • Advanced users may want to extract the Device IDs.
  • Storing an Excel spreadsheet list of the Device IDs on a shared network drive or jump drive makes it easier to create lists.
  • Create a template that has your Device IDs and groups. Use that template to create all other classes.
  • The media center scanner can be used to scan the Device IDs.
reports overview
Reports Overview
  • 31 Possible Reports from 10 Categories
  • Help files for complete description
  • Generated as Word or Excel Documents
  • Use Current or Saved Sessions
  • Use Auto or a specific participant list
turningpoint reports are generated as
TurningPoint Reports are generated as
  • Word Documents
  • Excel Documents
  • Both

Answer Now

create a session file
Create a Session File

Follow the Trainer

  •  From the PowerPoint ribbon, select the Slide Show tab. This displays a menu of slide show options.
  •  In the Start Slide Show section, select From Beginning.
  • Complete the presentation.
  • Click on Tools from the TurningPoint Ribbon.
  • Select Reports
to view reports begin by clicking
To view reports, begin by clicking
  • Tools
  • Insert Object
  • Insert Slide
  • Please Review

Answer Now

reports dialogue box
Reports Dialogue Box

Follow the Trainer

  • Toggle between sessions and reports
  • Browse for sessions
  • Delete Sessions
  • Toggle Between "My session files" and "My Backup Session files"
running a report
Running a Report

Follow the Trainer

  • View Categories
    • Questions
    • Group
    • Individual
  • View Reports
  • View Descriptions
  • View Options
  • Generate Reports
  • Exit
generate the following reports
Generate the following reports

Follow the Trainer

  • Results by Participants
  • Results by Participants (Score Detail)
  • Results by Group
i feel confident i will be able to generate useful reports
I feel confident I will be able to generate useful reports.
  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

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