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Portfolios. Powerpoint Templates. Portfolio Formats. Digital. Web. Hard-copy. PPT. Websites. Folder. Word. Book. Webpages. USB File structure. Blogs. Organizational Methods. Where to put what?. The key to maximizing the quality of a portfolio is organization.

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Powerpoint Templates


Portfolio Formats










USB File structure



Organizational Methods

Where to put what?

  • The key to maximizing the quality of a portfolio is organization
  • Always best to have some form of cover or Intropage
  • Generate some type of Table of Content
  • Construct a form of content division
  • Color coding can be an asset

The Cover of Our Life

Our Portfolio should always have some sort of cover page.

Formatting varies based on a number of factors including, but not limited to…


Name of who we work for or represent (usually for in-company positions)


Usually “Portfolio,” “Career Portfolio,” or “Academic Portfolio.”

  • Business


Our full name, with the date underneath.

  • Delivery

A professional picture of ourselves.

  • Situation

The Beginning of Something Great!


This is the best way to introduce ourselves in a professional, non-personal form with restrictions that are under our control.

A biography should include the following;

Educational Background

Where we have worked.

What we have done.

Skills, interests and hobbies.

Short-term goals.

Long-term goals.


The Start of Something New

Now it is time to work forwards into our new direction!

The first step of starting off new is presenting what’s old

Show off our skills and background in a brief summarized format


Present letters of Recommendation


Show off copies of our academic degrees


Present certifications we have earned



Where have we been??

Next we present our philosophy (if pertinent) and examples of our work.

To do this we must look through what we have done.

Have we created any videos, movies, or flash based programs that we can share?

Visual Materials

Have we created audio books, music or CD’s?

Audio Materials

Has any work we have done been published?

Published Materials

What else can we think of that would represent us?

Other Materials


Time to Decorate!

Some people might think that the first step is the artistic design

Adding color and unique aspects are best left till after organization is accomplished

Remember that this is supposed to be either a professional display

This does not mean that you can’t get a little creative with your Portfolio

Try to keep it within acceptable boundaries


Time to Get Active!

For todays Activity you will create a cover page for your Portfolio.

You can alter it later if you want too (preferably if you go wacky today).

Todays cover page is all about creativity. Show off your creative skills!

If you want to create a serious cover page, use Word or Power Point

Here are some fun sites for you to explore



  • This assignment is worth 10 points. Complete a Portfolio Biography of yourself for the next class meeting. The following criteria must be met for this assignment;
    • 1 full page
    • Double-spaced
    • MLA Format
    • Correct use of grammar and punctuation
  • This assignment is worth 6 points. Check out the virtual tutoring that is available. Provide the following to complete this assignment. Due next Tuesday, August 22.
      • Name of tutor
      • Duration of visit
      • Minimum of three questions with their answers
      • You must develop three questions to ask them
      • Submit this assignment in word .doc format through your Laker mail OR in class on Tuesday
    • Note: I will be able to follow up on this so please do not attempt to submit false information
  • Advising Assignment:
  • Every SLS 1501 student is required to meet one-on-one with one of LSCC's academic advisors. The advisor will talk to you about your academic goals, then help you plan how to reach them.
  • You must schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor between August 23 and August 29. Call 352-568-0001 to schedule an appointment on the Sumter County campus. You must arrive to your appointment on time with an Advising Guide (see catalog) and the checklist you have been provided.
  • After you have met with the advisor, bring your advising sheet and the checklist (below) to your instructor. This assignment is due no later than September 4. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Portfolio Assignment Overview

  • The portfolio assignment is the final assignment of this course and will include elements from several previous assignments, plus a few more. We will work on it in some in class, but you will mostly complete this project on your own.
  • You will create a digital portfolio, either as a website or just a zip file. The portfolio will be suitable to show to a potential scholarship opportunity or employer and will, at the very least, include:
  • Biography: This was your first assignment. You have this.
  • A goal statement :This should be about 2-4 paragraphs. It tells what your current and future goals are, and how you plan to achieve them.
  • Your résumé :You have this. Double-check it for spelling errors, typos and grammar. Make sure to give as much detail as you can within the confines of 1 page.
  • Two letters of recommendation: Find teachers or employers willing to write about how great you are.
  • Photos of volunteer experiences (if any): Any community related events you have helped with.
  • Information gained from your interview presentation: You have this 
  • Awards you have received (if any): This includes any certificates. Scan or photograph these
  • Extra curricular activities photos and summaries: Ask your mom, coaches and sponsors for pictures. 
  • Revised version of your Research Paper: Use my comments to polish your paper into something you can use as a research and writing sample. Internships often ask for these. Have it ready!
  • How you choose to present the items on the list above is completely up to you. Creativity is key, though. Remember: you are trying to impress an employer! Be Creative!!
  • Try:
  • Building a website with Weebly or Wordpress
  • Compiling a One Note file or PowerPoint 
  • anything you can think of... how can you best display your achievements and the "stuff" on the checklist?