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Tradition of funeral in Poland

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Tradition of funeral in Poland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tradition of funeral in Poland. Table of contest. Basic information The history of funeral Beliefs Cremation Graves The time of funeral Interesting facts Crossword Bibliography. Basic information.

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table of contest
Table of contest
  • Basic information
  • Thehistory of funeral
  • Beliefs
  • Cremation
  • Graves
  • The time of funeral
  • Interestingfacts
  • Crossword
  • Bibliography
basic information
Basic information

In European culture the procession of the mourners which follow the coffin with the body of the deceased person, belongs to the traditional forms offuneral. People who followthehearsewith coffin inside usuallytake wreath whichisthenput on deceased’s grave.

Relatives of a deceased person inform all of thefamilymembers and friends about funeral.

the history of funeral
Thehistory of funeral

Formerly, deceased person was wearing elegant clothes. Additionaly, therewere many everydayobjectsputinthecoffin.

A wakewasn’tonly a gloomy dinner likenowadays.Participantsarrangedraces, wrestled, do someathletics and dancedinthe honor of deceased person. Then, theycouldeat and drink.


People bury bodies of theirrelativesinthegroundbecausetheybelievethat Jesus Christ will descened on Earth and allthedead will be resurrected. Arms of a deceased person areusuallybeingcrossedbeforethecoffinisclosed. In thePolishculturethedeadpeopleshouldlook smart and happy so theyarewearing smart clothes, and a make-upismade to them.


Thereisalso a customin Poland to burn thebody of a relative. Thecoffinwiththe body insideisbeingtransported to thebuildingcalledcrematoriumwherethe body isincineratedinthefurnance.Then, ashes of therelativearebeingputinto an urn. This form of funeral is also chosen when theoutsidelook of deceasedis extremely nasty.


A coffin with dead person is often put in a grave which is 2 metersdeep. Next, undertakershovelsthedirtontothecoffin and puts a tombstoneoverthe grave.

All tombs must be signed. Signs tell the personal data of a deceased person – his/her surname, a date of birth, and a date of death. Thereisalso a traditionamongsomefamilies to putsomelastfewwords on the grave stone. Thoseareusuallymemories of thedeceased, orsomecitations.

the time of funeral
The time of funeral

The time whenthefuneralmusttake place is not stated. Peoplesometimesorganise a funeral a week, orlongerfrom a moment of death of theirrelative. Thisis so becausesometimesthey want to inviterelatives, orfriendswho live inothercountries and mustwait for them to come.

interesting facts

„Dziady” werecelebratedtwice a year- in Spring and inAutumn. Thanks to thisceremonypeoplecouldcontactwithdeadrelatives, orfriends and receivetheirfavor.

In XVI centurywakes of Polishnobilitywererollickingfeastswith a lot of alcohol. Many timespeoplewerefightingwitheachother.


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