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General Conference Style!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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General Conference Style!!!

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General Conference Style!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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General Conference Style!!! . It’s Time For. General Conference Jeopardy. Rules of the Game 1. Answer in the form of a question??? 2. You must locate S.M. answers in your book. 3. You must locate Hymn answers in your hymnal. 4. Scorekeepers…no points lost for wrong answer”. Conference.

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General Conference Style!!!

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    1. General Conference Style!!!

    2. It’s Time For... General Conference Jeopardy

    3. Rules of the Game 1. Answer in the form of a question??? 2. You must locate S.M. answers in your book. 3. You must locate Hymn answers in your hymnal. 4. Scorekeepers…no points lost for wrong answer”.

    4. Conference

    5. Scripture Mastery for 100 Elder Nelson spoke on missionary work and the importance of teaching about the restoration of the gospel, that the restoration restores important teachings from the New Testament like “Baptism for the Dead”

    6. Scripture Mastery for 100 • What is 1 Corinthians 15:29 • Back

    7. Scripture Mastery for 200 President Eyring told of many witnesses (including his own witness) of Jesus’ resurrection, “a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have”

    8. Scripture Mastery for 200 • Answer: What is Luke 24:36-39? • Back

    9. Scripture Mastery for 300 Elder Hales taught us that the world has gone far astray and that we need to “put on the whole armor of God”. That we need to stand strong and not be “ashamed” of keeping our standards.

    10. Scripture Mastery for 300 • Answer: What is Romans 1:16? • Back

    11. Scripture Mastery for 400 Elder Oaks told us if we truly follow Christ and love him then we would keep His commandments.

    12. Scripture Mastery for 400 • Answer: What is John 14:15? • Back

    13. Scripture Mastery for 500 President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk on the importance of living in the Light. One way we can do this is to be a “light to the world”

    14. Scripture Mastery for 500 • Answer: What is Matthew 5:14-16? • Back

    15. Scripture Mastery for 600 Elder Porter spoke of beautiful mornings. This scripture lead Joseph Smith to experience one of the most beautiful mornings of all time.

    16. Scripture Mastery for 600 • Answer: What is James 1:5-6? • Back

    17. Stories that Teach for 100 Elder Christofferson told the story of the redemption of an ex-con by a good Priest. This story was recently made into this Academy Award winning movie.

    18. Stories that Teach for 100 • Answer: What is Les Miserables • Back

    19. Stories that Teach for 200 Elder Ballard spoke on priesthood and taught us about our divine potential by telling the story of a little girl who planted this? (Must tell story)

    20. Stories that Teach for 200 • Answer: What is a tomato seed? • Back

    21. Stories that Teach 300 Sister Dalton told the story of a time she was in Scotland with the BYU Folk Dancers, her father had recently past away and she was feeling a little discouraged. She read a sign at the mission home which read this?

    22. Stories that Teach for 300 • What is “What ere thou art, act well thy part?” • Back

    23. Stories that Teach for 400 President Monson spoke on Obedience and told of the two priesthood holders who went from Germany to Hungary just to do this. (Must tell the story)

    24. Stories that Teach for 400 • What is their home teaching? • Back

    25. Stories that Teach for 500 Elder Cook taught the importance of seeking the peace that only the Gospel can bring. He told the story of how his son fled to this place of refuge after the attack on the World Trade Center occurred 3 blocks from his apartment building.

    26. Stories that Teach for 500 • Answer: What is to the church or the Manhattan Stake Center. • Back

    27. Stories that Teach for 600 • In Priesthood, Elder David L. Beck spoke on being ministering angels to those around us. He told the story of a Girl named Chy who was a victim of bullying until these “Angels in disguise” came to the rescue . (Must tell the story)

    28. Stories that Teach for 600 • Answer: Who are the football players? • Back

    29. Conference Humor 100 Elder Fallabella told of his trip with his wife, Blanca, to be sealed in the temple. They did not have money for the return trip but as he shook hands with strangers at Church, they would give him money causing him to yell this to his wife.

    30. Conference Humor For 100 • Answer: What is “ Blanca, shake hands with everyone”? Back

    31. Conference Humor For 200 Elder Nelson used this surfing term in his talk on the current enthusiasm towards missionary work .

    32. Conference Humor For 200 • What is “catch the wave” • Back

    33. Conference Humor For 300 According to Elder Anderson, it only took this long for the first 18 year old boys and 19 year old girls to submit their mission papers after President Monson’s announcement

    34. Conference Humor For 300 What is 5 days? • Back

    35. Conference Humor For 400 Elder L Whitney Clayton gave great advice on marriage. His granddaughter, after dinner one night, stood up on her chair, got Elder Whitney’s attention, and said this to him.

    36. Conference Humor For 400 • Answer: What is “watch and learn”? • Back

    37. Conference Humor For 500 Elder Holland said, "Except in the case of his only perfect Begotten Son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with,“ then he said. "That must be terribly __________ to Him but He deals with it. So should we..

    38. Conference Humor For 500 Answer: What is frustrating? • Back

    39. Conference Humor For 600 President Monson’s solution for the difficulty of pulling weeds.

    40. Conference Humor For 600 Answer: What is burn them? • Back

    41. Doctrines 100 In Priesthood President Uchtdorf taught that we should all have four titles; The first one goes with one of our most popular hymns that we all learned in primary; 1.Son of Heavenly Father. (must find in hymn book)

    42. Doctrines 100 • What is Hymn # 301, “I am a child of God“ the 4 titles are 1. Son of the Father 2. Disciple, 3. Healer of souls 4. Heir to all that He has. • Back

    43. Doctrines 200 Elder Oaks taught us of the importance of “following the Savior” and quoted this popular hymn throughout his talk (Must find in hymn book).

    44. Doctrines 200 • Answer: What is hymn 116, “Come Follow Me? • Back

    45. Doctrines 300 Elder Holland, drawing from the New Testament account of a father bringing his afflicted son to the Savior for healing, quoted Jesus saying, “all things are possible to him that does this”.

    46. Doctrines 300 • What is believeth or believe. • Back

    47. Doctrines 400 Elder Cardon cautioned that although the Lord will lovingly do this "'until seventy times seven,' this does not mean one may willingly return to sin with impunity.

    48. Doctrines 400 • What is forgive? • Back