fall 2012 organic chemistry lab chml212 n.
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Fall 2012 Organic Chemistry Lab CHML212 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fall 2012 Organic Chemistry Lab CHML212

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Fall 2012 Organic Chemistry Lab CHML212 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fall 2012 Organic Chemistry Lab CHML212. Lab Schedule, Course Policies, and Safety Information. Prerequisite/Required Materials. PREREQUISITE: Grade of “C” or better in CHML211! REQUIRED TEXTS/SUPPLIES: LAB MANUAL :

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fall 2012 organic chemistry lab chml212

Fall 2012Organic Chemistry LabCHML212

Lab Schedule, Course Policies, and Safety Information

prerequisite required materials
Prerequisite/Required Materials

PREREQUISITE: Grade of “C” or better in CHML211!


    • Organic Chemistry: Chemistry 211-212 Laboratory Manual Fall 2010 Edition—previous editions are unacceptable
    • Organic Chemistry Laboratory Notebook
    • Can be glasses or goggles, as long as they form a complete seal around eyes!
course website
Course Website
  • https://learn.uncw.edu/webapps/login/
attendance policy
Attendance Policy
  • All labs are mandatory.
  • No make-up labs for any reason.
  • Missed lab = zero (regardless of reason). 
  • Missing 3+ labs = F for course.
  • Athletic events are NOT excused absences.
  • Lab is graded separately than lecture!
    • Quizzes (45%)
    • Final Lab Reports (55%)
  • Course Grading:
    • A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F = 59 and below.
    • Plus (+) or minus (-) grades may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor.
lab quizzes
Lab Quizzes
  • 3 lab quizzes , 3-5 experiments on each.
  • Full experiment after all quizzes! Plan on staying for the entire lab period!
  • Make up quizzes will only be allowed for excused absences.
    • To have a quiz absence excused, the student must:
      • Email before beginning of lab
      • Bring doctor’s note
final lab reports
Final Lab Reports
  • All lab assignments will be available on the course website.
  • Final Lab Reports consist of:
    • Pre-Lab Assignments (20 pts)
    • In-Lab Assignments (20 pts)
    • Post-Lab Assignments (50 pts)
    • Lab Technique/Preparation (10 pts)
  • Due dates announced by instructor.
  • Late reports = 5% penalty per day
    • Once lab reports are returned to students graded, NO MORE WILL BE ACCEPTED!
lab technique
Lab Technique
  • You are responsible for your own safety!
    • Be prepared and familiar with safety hazards!
    • Wear proper shoes and eye protection!
    • Common sense and thinking are REQUIRED.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself!
    • YOU. Not your lab instructor. If we clean, you pay.
personal electronics
Personal Electronics
  • Cell phoneuse WILL NOT BE tolerated.
    • Turn ON SILENT OR VIBRATE before lab and PUT IT AWAY!
    • YOURS rings = you leave = ZERO
    • Cannot use phone as calculator during quizzes!
  • Laptops and desktop computers use is allowed for lab related activities ONLY.
  • Ipod use is not acceptable in lab!
other issues
Other Issues
  • Please refer to the online syllabus for information regarding:
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Academic Integrity
    • Students with Disabilities
    • Violence and Harassment
safety in the organic lab
Safety in the Organic Lab
  • Follow instructions at all times!
  • Act responsibly at all times!
  • No food or drinks on lab benches!
  • Dress appropriately for lab!
  • Come prepared! Know what you are going to do, and what the hazards are!
  • Report all accidents to the instructor, no matter how small.
acceptable clothing for lab
Acceptable Clothing for Lab…
  • DO wear
    • Goggles/safety glasses
    • Closed-toe shoes
    • Tie back long hair
  • DON’T wear
    • Sandals/flip-flops
    • Jewelry
    • Loose or baggy clothing
lab safety equipment
Lab Safety Equipment

Safety Shower Eyewash

Safety Goggles/glasses

lab safety equipment1
Lab Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguisher Fume Hood

accidents and injuries
Accidents and Injuries
  • Report ALL injuries to lab instructor IMMEDIATELY, no matter how minor.
  • Be aware of hazards associated with each chemical and technique you will use in the experiment!
  • Complete an Injury Report Form.
first aid
First Aid
  • Eye accidents:Wash eyes in stream of water using eyewash station for 15 minutes!
  • Chemical burns:Immediately flush the affected area with a large amount of water in the sink! Use safety shower if necessary!
  • Thermal burns:Determine the type and extent of the burn. Take appropriate action.
    • 1st degree: red skin, no blisters.
      • Immerse in cold water/apply ice.
    • 2nd degree: blisters.
      • Immerse in cold water, then apply clean gauze.
    • 3rd degree: broken skin, tissue damage.
      • Cover with clean gauze. Visit the Health Center.
first aid1
First Aid
  • Bleeding, cuts, and abrasions:
    • Clean wound with soap and warm water.
    • Apply pressure with clean gauze pad until bleeding stops.
    • Cover wound with bandage or clean gauze pad and secure.
  • Poisoning:
    • If, after contact with, inhalation of, or accidental ingestion of a chemical, you experience discoloration of the lips, a burning sensation in the throat, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, or confusion, seek treatment IMMEDIATELY for chemical poisoning!
uncw safety contract
UNCW Safety Contract
  • READ Laboratory Rules and Guidelines (p. vii) CAREFULLY!
  • READ, SIGN, AND SUBMIT safety contract (p. xiii) to instructor!
waste disposal
Waste Disposal
  • Waste disposal procedures are at end of the procedure for each experiment.
  • If you do not know which waste goes where, ASK!