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Balboa Pacific Corporation

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Balboa Pacific Corporation. Waste Management & Power Generation Technology. Balboa Pacific Corporation.

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Balboa Pacific Corporation

Waste Management &

Power Generation



Balboa Pacific Corporation


Solutions to Waste Management must be addressed technologically. Using Mother Earth as a waste depository – land or sea, is unacceptable. And incineration pollutes the air we breathe. It is incumbent upon mankind to serve as stewards of the planet we inhabit.


Balboa Pacific Corporation

Balboa Pacific Corporation

Bal-Pac Thermal Converter


Pyrolytic Gasification


Balboa Pacific Corporation

Advantages of Bal-Pac Pyrolytic Gasification

for processing waste streams

  • Environmentally clean process.
  • Controlled environment inside pyrolytic units.
  • Energy efficient process.
  • Controlled temperature in every stage

of the process.

  • Portability - can be moved easily.
  • Can generate up to 50 Megawatts of power.

Balboa Pacific Corporation

Advantages of Bal-Pac Pyrolytic Gasification

for processing waste streams

  • It is a continuous-feed process
  • Volume reduction of the material, up to 95%

depending on waste composition

  • No toxic residue, non-leachable (ash)
  • No toxic emissions into the air
  • Creates heat energy as a by-product
  • Temperature range of Thermal Oxidizer

as high 2600°F




Waste Conveyor

Thermal Oxidizer



Thermal Converter




Waste Heat Boiler




Balboa Pacific Corporation

Typical System

Thermal Oxidizer

operates between

1600 & 2600°F

Thermal Converter

operates between

1200 & 1800°F

Waste-heat Boiler

pressure = 250 psi

Multi-stage steam

turbine generator


Balboa Pacific Corporation

How It Works

  • Temperatures between
  • 1200 & 1800°F.
  • Continuous process
  • Indirect heat
  • Oxygen free

Balboa Pacific Corporation


  • Different Waste Streams Processed By
  • Bal-Pac Pyrolytic Gasification
  • Municipal Solid Wastes
    • Household, Commercial Centers, Buildings, Markets, Restaurants and Fast Food Eateries, Schools, Yard Waste, etc.
    • Industrial Wastes
    • Oil Refineries
    • Chemical Plants
    • Metallurgical / Mining Industries
    • Hospital Waste (Red Bag Waste)
    • Electronic Industries (Chips, IC’s, MP’s)
    • Steel Mills
    • Plastic, Paper, Paints
    • Rubber goods including tires
    • Drum Waste
    • Electrical Products (PVC, PE Insulation)
    • Etc

Contaminants successfully destroyed


Ash Residue CaliforniaThermal Converter

EPA Limits Test Results

Barium 100 mg/1 0.37 mg/1

Cadmium 1 mg/1 0.1 mg/1

Lead 5 mg/1 0.58 mg/1

Arsenic 5 mg/1 0.050 mg/1

Selenium 1 mg/1 0.05 mg/1

Chromium 5 mg/1 0.01 mg/1


Pentanone 7 mg/1 2 mg/1

Benzene 0.5 mg/1 0.1 mg/1

Benzoic Acid N/A 170 mg/1


Phythalate N/A 4 mg/1

Balboa Pacific Corporation

Emission Levels


Stack CaliforniaThermal Converter

Emissions EPA Limits Test Results

Particulate 0.080g 0.051g


(carbon monoxide) 50 ppm 1 ppm

SO2(sulfur dioxide) 150 ppm 24 ppm

HCI (hydrogen

chloride) 50 ppm 6 ppm


oxides) 200 ppm 68 ppm

Balboa Pacific Corporation

Emission Levels


A Comparative Analysis

Bal-Pac Pyrolytic GasificationversusIncineration

Decomposes oxygen free,

converts to gas and carbon char

Thermal destruction with direct

flame and high oxygen

High air flow (high Nox)

Low air flow (low Nox)

No toxic emissions

(no Furans or Dioxins)

Generates Furans and Dioxins

90-95% reduction

in volume and weight

Maximum 80% reduction

Uses energy

Creates energy up to 10BTU

Secondary control device

rarely required (Scrubber or

Dust Collector)

Secondary control device

always required

Balboa Pacific Corporation


Balboa Pacific Corporation

the process

  • Energy rich - for every BTU* input,

expect as much as 10 BTU output.

  • Superb waste-to-energy potential.
  • Bal-Pac Systems meet all environmental

regulations and guidelines.

* BTU - British Thermal Unit


Balboa Pacific Corporation

the process

  • Destructive distillation of ALL organic

materials through a process that involves

the application of intense indirect thermal

energy in the absence of oxygen which

reduces the material to combustible gases

and non-hazardous char.

  • Able to achieve up to 95% reduction in

volume of many materials.


Balboa Pacific Corporation

For Mixed-Use Application

Bal-Pac Thermal Converters can process:

Municipal waste

Industrial waste

Hospital waste

Household waste

Bal-Pac Thermal Converters can:

Generate / Create power for re-distribution

within the same work area or re-sold to a

local electric company


Balboa Pacific Corporation

For Industrial Application

Waste Management facility ideal for the final

destruction of Toxic and Hazardous Waste (THW).

Ideal for use as Waste Management facilities

and power generating plants unit within

industrial parks.


Balboa Pacific Corporation


For Industrial Application

An income generator because it processes not only

internally generated waste, Bal-Pac offers one

the option of treating waste from nearby

industrial parks for a fee.

A cost-cutting measure because it can generate

up to 50 Megawatts of electricity for use within

the same industrial estate.